"One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it brings."

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Soundtrack of the garden.

Earlier this week we had some sun and it was great.  While I was out doing a little cleanup I heard some of those familiar sounds I have been missing.  I am a music lover and when I get any chance to turn some up I do, especially in the car when I'm alone.  But when I'm outside I'd rather listen to a different kind of music.  The kind that makes me happy to be outside in my garden.
  1. First of course the sound of my kids laughing and singing as they play in the yard is my favorite.  My oldest daughter used to stand on an old sandbox and sing at the top of her lungs.  My little one is constantly pointing out her new discoveries. 
  2. The sounds of lawn mowers off in the distance.  Just knowing someone else is out making their yard look nice makes me happy.
  3. The sounds of faraway trains.  There are train tracks not too far from here, and sometimes you can hear their horns.  I just love how it carries.
  4.  The birds.  The hummingbirds chirping impatiently for me to move away from their feeder, or the birds rustling in the bushes looking for a snack.
  5. The sounds of bees buzzing in my ears.  The bees never bother me, I know they're there to help.
  6.  The sounds of neighbors visiting as they walk through the neighborhood.  We have a friendly street where people stop to chat and compliment all the hard work each other has been doing.
  7. The sound of dump trucks backing in someone's driveway with a fresh load of compost.  I'm hoping that will be a sound I hear in my own driveway this spring!
  8. The sound of the waterfall in our pond.  It's just so refreshing especially on a warm day.
I am so looking forward to hearing all of these sounds on a regular basis.  I miss hearing the soundtrack of the garden.  
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  1. I hear you my garden friend. I think my wish list is the same as yours. Thank you for sharing some wonderful sounds!

    Warm Wishes from my Midwest Garden.

  2. I don't think I have ever heard/read it put as a soundtrack!! Clever and so accurate. I too cannot wait to hear these sounds on a regular basis!!

  3. Nice of you to remind us that the spring arrives in sounds, not just sights and temperatures. I have really been listening for the birds, they seem to be looking for partners and getting ready to nest. The flickers have been especially vocal. So exciting!

  4. Weird- we must be on the same wavelength. I was just out today making recordings of the birds. I'm trying to figure out the best way to get the recordings on my blog. It may be a while...:)

  5. I love listening to the sound of water from the fountain (in my garden, of course), sound of birds ... nature is fantastic. Blossom Blooms

  6. Sounds like your garden is wonderful:)

  7. Me too! I was out visiting the bird sounds and all that makes warm weather so wonderful. I was sitting on my back swing and enjoing every minute of it. I love your kiddo comment. The sound of little ones playing is comforting.

  8. Bren - Here's to hoping it won't be long before they are a regular occurrence!

    Darla - Thanks! As soon as it gets warmer everyone will want to be outside to enjoy the sounds.

    Karen - It does seem like the birds are getting nosier. Those flickers are so noisy, not always sure I like them banging on the metal vents on the roof though!

    Tessa - great minds think alike! Hope you can figure out how to do the sounds. I know you'll be able to figure it out.

    lili - The sound of water is so relaxing isn't it?

    Tina - It is pretty nice here :)

    Anna - Sounds like a fun way to spend some time. I can just imagine sitting on a swing with birds chirping in the background.

  9. What a well written piece! It took me a minute to realize why I wasn't hearing anything when I turned my sound up, though. LOL

    You have a good attitude about the trains. For awhile, ours were too loud, and a lot of people were complaining. What I didn't like was when they woke me up out of a sound sleep. I'm glad that hasn't happened lately.

    It sounds like you have a nice neighborhood.

  10. I was thinking it sounded like spring myself last week, especially when the lawnmowers rev up. We have a reel mower and I enjoy the whir of those blades over a gas version. Great post.

  11. Love that picture! If I lived in western WA I'd definitely invite myself over for a garden tour this summer. As it is I'll confine myself to reading your posts :-)
    Best wishes, VW

  12. How nice--my garden is usually very quiet, except for the constant squawking of bluejays, or a breeze blowing through a neighbor's tree.

  13. What an evocative blog, I could practically hear the sounds from here!
    We're still shrouded in snow, with more forecast, so all our sounds are muffled - except that the foxes where barking away last night ......or was it wolves?!

  14. Ah, what a delightful description of summer symphony! :-)

    About all we have had here lately in NE Ohio is the basso-profundo of city snow plows, the light percussion of neighbors chipping ice off windshields and the recurring theme of the whine of snowblowers.

    But, during those quiet interludes, when the winds blow, there is a lovely soft sighing from the pine trees.

  15. Great Catherine that you have a beautiful pond and importantly, designed well! Buzzing bees and the music of the birds! Ah! Gardeners' bliss... I'm sure your Gnomes are happy too. They look so sweet.

  16. Sue - I wish I could figure out how to put some sounds on here. Luckily our trains are several miles away, and run during the day.

    Melantha - I know what you mean about the reel mowers, much gentler sounding!

    VW- Thanks. I'm always surprised how good everything looks in pictures. When I'm looking at it in person I'm always thinking about what I want to change.

    Chuck - Any sounds can be enjoyable I think. It's just never quiet here, unless it's still dark.

    Nutty Gnome - Well, I just woke up to snow, so guess I won't be hearing much today :)

    Kris - I like your description of the winter garden sounds!

    Chandramouli - Thanks. That pond attracts a lot of the sounds we hear in our garden. :)

  17. Catherine, thanks for this lovely post:) Some of those noises I'd forgotten, such as the sound of the train, my grandparents lived near a track and I loved to hear it go through and the horn going! All of the bird sounds thrill me, and I was out clipping in the yard yesterday and enjoyed hearing some other sounds you mentioned. Can't wait for the mulch deliveries too! You thought this out really well and reminded me of a few things I'd either forgotten about, or just take forgranted!! Love the pond, too.

  18. Jan - Thank you. I think when we get out in the garden all of our senses become heightened. I think that's why so many of us enjoy it, we see, hear, smell and feel the world around us.

  19. Hi Catherine

    I'm a fan of the sound of the train. Back when I was living in the UK I would listen to the trains on the overland section of the Metropolitan line pass by and fade in to the distance. Of course I'd hear them as I'd be out in the garden so a real Summer sound for me.

  20. Those are all such lovely sounds! I can't wait till spring arrives, and I can hear them once more.

  21. Hi Catherine. I've been trying to post a comment all day to your blog but something keeps happening. Maybe this time it will go thru. I just wanted to say that's a great soundtrack you put together. I enjoy a lot of the same sounds. and your pond is beautiful. I am planning to install one this spring so I might be back to ask you a question!

  22. Rob - I think it's that fading part of the sound that I just like, the thought that someone is traveling somewhere.

    Msrobin - It will be a welcome time when we can be out all day listening to all those sounds!

    Kathleen - I think a lot of these blogger blogs can be hard to post comments on for some reason. I'm glad you came back though :) I'll be glad to help with what I can. Our pond is pretty simple, but I still really like it. How fun to get to put one in. I'll look forward to hearing about it :)


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