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Sunday, February 15, 2009

February Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

Well it's the 15th of the month and that means it Garden Bloggers Bloom Day as proclaimed by Carol at May Dreams Gardens.   Please visit her blog to find many other garden blogs with flowers in bloom.  
Last month was my first month to participate and I was just sure I would have more blooming now.  My winter daphne buds have frozen in time, they still haven't finished opening.  The camellia buds are just about to burst.  Maybe next month's bloom day they will be ready to show.
So, for now here is what I found:

The Lenten Rose hellebores are still blooming.  They started about a month ago.  These are an unnamed variety.  I bought these many years ago, before I knew how many varieties there were.  They are doing great in an almost completely shaded area.  In the summer I give them a little extra water, otherwise they are pretty self sufficient.  They were droopy this morning, we had frost last night so they weren't quite their perky selves.

The Corsican hellebores are starting to open as well.  I have several of these in my garden, all were seedlings from a friend.  They are various sizes, but the biggest and happiest seem to be in sunnier areas.
Lots of primroses, these are newer ones recently planted.  The returning primroses often are eaten by the slugs as they try to bloom.  

The pulmonaria is blooming with more buds just about to open.  I've found seedlings near by and a few in other places in the garden.  I'd love if they would spread around.  Their foliage looks good almost year round.  I think these are the Roy Davidson variety.   They actually are doing quite well under a rhododendron and a cedar tree.  They seem to like extra water, and so I definitely have to give them extra in the summer.  
Pansies are a little droopy, but still they are pretty.
The sarcococca has lots of little fragrant white flowers showing.  Their berries are still hanging on.  They are pretty slow growers, but I don't mind.
I know some of these pictures aren't the best quality, but it was cold out there!  Lots of birds were out and the sky was blue.  
With so much sprouting and beginning to show signs of life I'm just sure that next month I'll have lots to share!   
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  1. I love primroses, though mine are 6-8 weeks from blooming. Also love pulmonaria. I've been wanting to try hellebores and since seeing them in so many blog posts, am more convinced than ever.

  2. Mmmm...Sacrococca! I wish more people grew that.

  3. I have the same problem with slugs eating the primrose blossoms. I never seem to get the slug bait out in time. (I know...slug bait...eek...but I use the low toxicity brand.) My sarcoccoca is in full bloom too. The fragrance is to die for, especially when the sun comes out and warms up the blossoms like it appears it might do today. Pretty photos.

  4. Your blooms are wonderful...really lovely! Pulmonaria is a special blue don't you think? Love the hellebores, pansies and primrose...and I am going to have to google..sarcococca! gail

  5. That's way more than a lot of us have blooming, Catherine! I love all of your blooms, but every time I see hellebores, it makes me want to find as many different kinds as I can to plant around my hostas.

  6. Wow - cheers me right up on this rainy day. Not that the rain isn't welcome - but your bit of virtual sun and warm sunny colors are lovely.

  7. Looking just great in your garden. I checked on my pulmonaria, not much sign of life it is just now waking up. I will have to look for Roy Davidson, I like the mainly silver leaves on yours. I would love to have a sarcococca is really quite wonderful. I can imagine how happy you are to have all these lovely blooms.

  8. Catherine ~ you have a lot of nice blooms in your garden for February 15th! I wish I could say the same. The hellebores are especially pretty. I really need to go in search of some. I'm sure next month will be amazing in your garden. I can't wait to see your camellias ~ they are another favorite of mine even tho I can't grow them in this zone.

  9. Lots of lovely blooms in your garden! We are lucky that winter is so short around here. That's the second Corsican hellebore I've seen on Bloom Day, I think I need to get some as they are simply lovely with their white faces and maroon "freckles"! Thanks for sharing and happy Bloom Day!

  10. Great photos and you have quite a bit going on in your gardens. Get some paper cups, rip the top off of them so you have about an inch of paper left on the sides, fill with cheap beer and the slugs will drink themselves drunk and drown!!

  11. I think that's a great showing for February. Many of us are still waiting for our hellebores... and primroses won't be in the garden centers for another month or so.

    Thanks for joining in!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  12. Your garden is very lively for this time of year. Thanks for showing us the blooms. Happy GBBD.

  13. Monica - Yes, the hellebores are all they have been made out to be. Great all year in my opinion!

    Chuck - Yes, the smell alone is enough for them to be in the garden!

    Grace - I've bought the pet/child safe slug bait, but I'm still afraid to use it in our back yard. It stayed cold and got cloudy so I didn't notice much scent today unless I stuck my nose right in. You're right on a sunny day the smell carries all across the yard.

    Gail - Yes I love the pulmonaria. I need to find more, I just love how the flowers change color on the one I have.

    Sue - I have some hostas with my hellibores and I think they look really nice together! I am lucky to have some flowers, so many people still have snow!

    Country Mouse - Thanks, glad I enjoyed the sun while it lasted here. It's gotten cold and cloudy here!

    Tina - This pulmonaria is a pretty tough one since it survives under the cedar tree. I think it's blooming earlier than usual, my others ones are nowhere near this stage.

    Kathleen - I hope those camellias are ready by next month. They look like they could burst any time now. I'll definitely take pictures to post!

    Karen - The Corsican hellebore is great since it seems to like the sun. It blooms for most of the summer and leaves lots of seedlings to move. Maybe I'll have some to share at one of our SAGBUTT meetings.

    Darla - That beer trick does work great, only problem is our dog likes to drink it too! I can only use it in the fenced off area otherwise she drinks it all up!

    Carol - I had fun joining in. Thanks for hosting!

  14. Lisa - It isn't too bad here, I forget that so many people still have snow. Now I can't wait to go looking at everyone else's!

  15. Ohmygoodness! You are showing some of my favorite flowers... and mine are still hiding underground. That's okay, because it's way too early for most of them yet! I love yours and thanks for sharing!! :-)

  16. I love the first signs of spring.

  17. Your hellebores look great. Have you collected any seeds from them? I want more but need to research how to get the seeds since they don't seem to be reseeding on their own.

  18. Shady Gardener - I know you love the pulmonaria. I hope you get to see yours soon!!

    Nancy - I do too, but I really can't wait to see even more :)

    Melanthia - I've only had the Lenten rose type reseed, and even then not too many seedlings. I've never collected seeds from them. My daughter tried to last year, but I haven't seen any coming up where she put them.

  19. Those flowers are soooo pretty!!!

  20. Hi Catherine, you have much in bloom, hooray! I love the primroses, and wish there was a good cure to the slub damage. I planted some new ones and before I could get a photo, the flowers were ruined by those slimy beasts. You hellebores are a delight!

  21. Wonderful show of rose-like Hellebores and primroses, Catherine. Great GBBD post

  22. Linda Lunda - Thanks!

    Frances - The slugs drive me crazy here :) I hate to put slug bait out, even the ones that say they are safe. I've decided I love the seeds in the hellebores as much as the whole flower.

    Chandramouli - Thanks for stopping by and looking :)

  23. What beautiful blooms you have.


  24. Love those hellebores!! I only have 1 plant in the garden and it's not blooming yet...but has sent up some new growth:) The pulmonaria are Virginia BLuebells, right? I used to have a plant but it must have died at some point. I am going to try to get another this year. You really do have some nice garden blooms already!!
    Better than here in VA!!!

  25. Flower Lady - Thanks for visiting. Hope you're having fun working on your recipes :)

    Jan - I'm glad you at least saw some new growth, that's a good sign!
    Actually pulmonaria is different. I tried to grow Virginia bluebells last year and they never survived. The pulmonaria seems easier for me to growl

  26. Beautiful blooms, and what great foliage on the Sarcococca!


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