"One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it brings."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Overnight blooms.

Yesterday was noticeably mild.  When I checked the temperature in my  car it said 57 degrees.  It just felt like spring.  While walking around outside I was surprised to find flowers that I hadn't noticed the day before.

Anemone blanda
Tete-a-tete daffodils.  Not quite open, but oh so close.  The day before the buds were barely noticeable.
Iris reticulata 'Harmony'
Up close, and personal.
Viburnum 'Spring Bouquet'
Pansy shows a cheerful face.
Seeing these flowers just made me happy, and put me in a better mood the rest of the day.
New growth is showing up everywhere.  Everyday it seems that things have grown overnight.   
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  1. This is my most favorite post for the day, Catherine. One reason is it's all BLUE! My fave! Thank you.

  2. Seeing your photos of the flowers made me happy :).

  3. Hi Catherine, 57 sounds like spring to me too. Your flowers are great. I have Harmony, it will bloom in a couple of weeks. I love that cobalt blue color. Pansies are just wonderful flowers. I am ready for some fifty degree temps here!

  4. Beautiful blues, nice to see the start of your spring

  5. Looks like spring there! I like this comment thing way better! I see my sister has already visited.

  6. Beautiful.... but tooo much.
    We still have 2 ft. of snow outside. Yuk

  7. Oh it's hard to beat the color of that iris! How nice to find surprises in the garden.

  8. Is that an early blooming Iris or something? Gorgeous. My daffodils still don't have buds. It looks like it has stopped raining, I should run outside and check!

  9. Chandramouli - Thank you! Blue and green are my two favorites and there are lots of them in this post!

    Iowa Gardening Woman - I'm glad they made you happy :) Thank you for visiting!

    Frances - It really was so nice, today we're back to cooler temps and rain. It was nice to have had the break though. I love the color of Harmony too.

    Dawn - Thanks, they were some nice surprises.

    Tina - It sure is starting to feel that way. Who is your sister? I didn't know you had one with a blog.

    troutbirder - 2 feet, oh I hope it melts away soon so you can enjoy your own flowers!

    Susie - It sure is a nice deep color. I really didn't expect it to bloom this soon.

    Melanthia - I didn't realize it would bloom so early, I kind of forgot I planted it last year :) Did you find any daffodils? The rain has stopped here too!

  10. Isn't it exciting to see the new growth? I love the little iris, I really should plant some of those.

  11. Catherine:
    The Anemone blanda is one of my personal favourites... and a post that is predominantly BLUE.... bringing sunny blue skies to those of us still buried beneath the snow.... thank you my friend!

  12. You can feel the strength in the sun now. It only takes a few mild sunny days and everything just moves on.

  13. Oh, with beautiful pics like that I'm almost convinced that one day Spring may find its way to Ohio... *sigh*

  14. Phillip - Isn't that iris pretty, they are such a nice deep color. Thanks for following me! I really enjoy your blog!

    Teza- Glad these flowers brightened you up! Anemone blanda is a sweet one and so tough too! I just realized my typo in the spelling :)

    Rob - It is surprising how just a few days of sun really encourage the plants to grow!

    Kris - It will be there! We're back to rain and cooler weather today, but at least the signs of spring are here!

  15. You have so many nice ones opening already. We're up higher and are always a week or two behind everyone else and I'm always so jealous that I have to wait to see ours. O'well at least I have them to see. Great pictures. Linda

  16. Linda - Thanks for visiting! Another Washington blogger, Yeah! I'm still surprised that some of these were blooming. I hope you'll post pictures of your first blooms when you see them.

  17. You are so lucky to have spring flowers arriving! I can't wait till ours come, but it will be months yet. Boohoo!

  18. Yes, I think it's undeniable now. Spring is on its way. Lovely photos.

  19. I love this blog entry - and the primrose you have in your profile photo is amazing! Thank you for sharing some spring with us in the Midwest.

    Warm Wishes - Bren

  20. Oh, I can't wait for my crocus! I checked a few days ago and their not even close to blooming! I'm just impatient, I guess. I have a feeling there are a few things in my garden that I might lose because of the weird winter. Your photos are great!

  21. Msrobin - Months? Oh I hope you find some sooner :)

    Grace - Thanks. It really does feel that way, I'm so excited about it too!

    Bren - Thank you! Hope you're spring will be starting soon.

    Tessa- I have a few things too that look really bad. We have had quite a bit of up and down temps and today it poured!! Hope you see your crocus soon!

  22. This is the time of the year I wait for that first break of daylight to go outside and see what happened overnight too! Lovely blooms here.

  23. Great photos - I love blues and purples! Our weather is pleasantly mild at the moment and I had a very enjoyable weekend clearing the garden and finding snowdrops, early daffodils and crocuses - but, unlike you, didn't think to take photos!
    Much as I love the snow, I have to conceed that we've probably seen the last of it....but I can rejoice in the signs of spring instead!

  24. Lovely garden!
    You are wolcome to visit my blogg too!

  25. Don't you just love the first blooms of spring. They are such a gift. Very beautiful post.

  26. Darla - It's fun to go looking for new flower this time of year, hope you found some.

    Nutty Gnome - I'm glad you are finding signs of spring, it's like finding a buried treasure sometimes under old leaves as you clean the the flower beds.

    Rose Love- Thank you and I will visit your blog :)

    texasdaisey - Thank you. Hope you've been able to find some blooms too!

  27. I know exactly what you mean Catherine ~ it was 63 here today and I loved it. Although, I still don't have anything blooming outside. :-( You have some gorgeous blooms. That anemone looks like it's going to be beautiful. I hope you post another pic when it's open all the way. Thanks for sharing spring with us.


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