"One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it brings."

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day in my garden.

Happy Valentine's Day from my garden!  I went on a search for heart shapes in my garden, both natural and manmade.
Can you guess any of them?
I love the yellow flowers in late summer. 

These flowers remind me of forget-me-nots.

A heart pining for it's lost branches. 
These purple flowers like to pop up all over the shaded areas.

This may be a decoration, but someone might stay for a spring vacation. 

 Her hearts won't show until later in spring.
Welcome to the vegetable garden.

Hope you get to spend some time in your garden today!

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  1. That was a clever thing to do - find heart-shaped plants and leaves and other hearts. And all of them photographed pretty well too.

  2. You make it hard! Maybe ligularia for the first? Begonia for the second? No idea really, just guessing! Happy Valentine's day to you!

  3. Cute post. I wanted to spend all day in my garden. The rain is here, much needed I might add. So, I'll just be forced to blog and read up on more flowers!

  4. A lot of hearts in your garden! Have a great weekend!

  5. Nice post - a garden full of hearts!
    I have ground to a halt today after a far too busy a week - and Himself forgot what day it was, so your post has cheered me up. Thanks!

  6. What a creative idea for a post. Happy Valentines Day to you Catherine.

    If we're supposed to make some guesses, here are mine: violet/viola for #4, Artichoke for #6, and I actually am embarrased to say what I think #3 is...A beanie baby tag? Don't laugh at me if I'm wrong...I've just never seen a clear heart before!

  7. #3: The tag 'holders' for b.b.'s are what I'm referring to. I don't even have a clue if they're still popular. When my daughter was young we collected them.

  8. Nifty idea. One of them's got to be cyclamen, but I don't know about the rest... begonia maybe? Fun!

  9. I love your heart shaped leaves. This time of year they're a little more difficult to scout out but that just adds to the allure. Happy Valentines Day.

  10. That was a smart idea to post heart shaped leaves.

    So, definately Cyclamen, the others, erm, well is one the beginnings of new growth on a sedum?


    PS If it isn't cyclamen feel free to delete this post and save me the shame.

  11. Okay Catherine ~ are you going to post the answers and put the mysteries to rest??!!! So fun and who knew there were so many hearts in the garden! Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. Jan you are right #4 is a violet.

    #1 Is a rudbeckia
    #2 Brunnera
    #3 Glass heart, but Jan it does look like the BB tag covers. My oldest was into those.
    #4 Violet
    #5 Birdhouse
    #6 Bleeding heart
    #7 Part of a welcome sign.

    Not too many hearts out yet!

  13. So many hearts in a garden. Clever!

  14. Clever post! Happy 'Hearts Day' to you! :-)

  15. What a cute valentine post...great observations! You are lucky to have such sweet things your garden...me, not so much, just an over dressed camel, lol!

    Have a wonderful V-Day!!! Kim

  16. Very creative as usual Catherine- I really enjoyed this post. I even got a few of them right!

  17. Great post ~ Another heart lover I see. It's amazing how many things have that shape. Wonderful pictures. Hang in there, spring will be there for you before you know it.



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