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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Let's see who is coming back.

The sun made an appearance in between my daughter's sporting events, so of course I had to take some time to see what was happening outside.  I decided I'd check on some of the things I planted late last summer.   I didn't plant as much as I usually do last summer.  I was pretty busy with our then one year old.
Last summer I finally convinced my husband to take down a diseased and dying crabapple.  It would bloom for a week, then all the leaves would turn brown and fall off, leaving us with an eyesore for the rest of the year.
We decide to plant a couple of pear trees around that area.  We found two semi dwarf pear trees.   Both are supposed to be good in the northwest and will be able to cross pollinate.  Hopefully maybe even a few pears will be produced this year, although I'm doubtful since it will be their first year.  They both have lots of leaf buds showing.  My daughters each claimed one.  This is an Orcas, and it really isn't leaning like it looks in this picture.
This is a Comice Pear.
I thought it would be fun to make a stepping stone with one of each of their feet.  Then we could always look back at how small they were when the trees first went in.
Nearby I planted monarda 'Jacob Cline', it was a 4" pot. It's showing signs it will be very large this summer.  Glad I planted it in a place with room to spread.  The hummingbirds loved it and hopefully it'll attract bees to pollinate the pear trees.
I decided we needed more evergreen shrubs in the front, so I planted this Mexican Orange (choisya).  It has come through really well considering all the snow it had been under.  It should have fragrant white flowers this spring.  I love its shiny green leaves.
This clematis Piilu looks like it's got a lot of new growth.  It didn't bloom last year, so I'm anxious to see how it looks.  The flowers on the tag are light pink with a darker center.  It only gets about 6' and will grow up a post with a birdhouse on it.  On the other side of the post should be clematis Miss. Bateman, but no sign of her yet.  Hope she will make it.  I thought the two would look pretty intertwined together.  
These iris were given to me by my sister.  They did some major landscaping and removed all the iris.  My other sister and I were glad to take them.  I put three separate clumps in, and they all look good.
Penstemon Husker Red looks pretty good.   I'm looking forward to it growing and seeing the reddish foliage.  
This Honey Perfume rose looked terrible at first, until I looked up close.  Lots of new growth showing.  It's next to the walkway to our front door.  I wanted lots of yummy smelling plants to greet anyone coming to our door.  There is lavender, other roses, lilies and nicotiana will go there again too.
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  1. Looks like most all of your plants are coming back, or will make an appearance soon. You must be zone 6 or 7? Same like me. I was noticing some buds on trees and irises showing too. I like that Mexican orange, and your stepping stones are very cute. Won't be long and those pear trees will be in full bloom.

  2. I am SO JEALOUS that you have things coming up already! We have probably another 6 weeks to go. Oh, well--I'm happy for you! Thanks for giving us a peek.

  3. I love those stepping stones, too. I'm glad your plants are getting ready to grow. This was a fun post to read.

  4. I cannot believe you have things coming up already! (Be careful, I believe we'll have a lot more Winter yet!) Guess I'd better be tripping around the yard tomorrow... the last two days have been 50 degree-days! Whew!

  5. Tina - We are zone 7, although now I'm reading they've moved us to 8. It's really nice to see some signs of life isn't it?

  6. Donna - There are some things I'm a little worried are coming up a little too early. Hope these next 6 weeks go quickly.

    Sue - Thanks, My daughters did the decorating on the stepping stone, I thought it looked cute.

    Shady Gardener - I was surprised to see oriental lilies coming up too, those make me nervous. I know we can still get some cold weather here. It's fun to see what's growing though.

  7. It is so cool to see your plants waking up already. Mine aren't doing too much yet.

  8. Sorry we missed you today! Next meeting will be on a Sunday, hope that helps with the soccer schedules. So great to see sun and signs of spring, eh? Love all of yours, plus the junco. We had many Mexican orange plants at the previous place, they are pretty sturdy although it's good to shake the snow off once they get big, or their branches can break. How did your penstemon survive? Mine looks terrible!

  9. It looks like you're going to have a great garden show! Sorry we missed you today. Hope you can make the Mar. 22 gathering. Also, we've set up a google group so if you like shoot me an email with your email and I'll add you to that as well. Cheers!

  10. What a great comeback! Can't wait to see it all in a month or so. We have pear trees and love making things with them.

  11. It was fun to see all the signs of life in your garden Catherine. Spring can't be far away if all this is happening, right? Your monarda looks excellent. I planted a few new varieties last year and I'm looking forward to seeing how they do too. I love the sweet stepping stones with your daughters foot prints. What a great idea. Have a relaxing Sunday and enjoy all the signs of new life around your house!

  12. Texadaisey - I was pretty happy to see them too. Just hope they continue to grow and no major freezes :)

    Karen - It looks like you all had fun. I'm planning to be at the next one. I have two of those penstemon and the other doesn't look as good, that one was under just as much snow. Strange how two of the same things right by each other can look so different now.

    Melanthia - I did just send you an email. Looking forward to March :)

    Darla - I'm hoping the pears will produce lots of pears. How long before you started to get fruit?

    Kathleen - Thanks! Yes that monarda really took off. I really like it and they last so long. You have a great Sunday too!

  13. I'm so jealous!!! I can't WAIT to see things popping up in the yard!

  14. It's fun to hear about everything waking up... I wish I had room for more fruit trees.


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