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Friday, April 30, 2010

Fertilizer Friday - April 30

Not only can't I believe the week is over, I can't believe the month is over! I'm looking forward to the month of May in the garden, that's when a lot of flowers in my front yard should start blooming. This time of year it doesn't take much to get me excited though. For example finding I didn't kill the Astrania that I accidentally dug into twice in the last month, a single leaf has come up again and this time I'll remember it's there. I was also happy to realize that both Autumn Sage (Salvia gregii) and Salvia 'Black and Blue' (Salvia guarantica) are coming back, both are borderline tender perennials here. I was disappointed that Echinacea 'Tiki Torch', Geranium 'Rozanne' and Clematis 'Henryii' didn't survive the winter. They should all have been hardy here and those were three that I really hoped would have returned, especially since none of them were cheap! The Salvias were inexpensive and in fact were both sold as annuals in the nursery I bought them from. Oh well, guess that's just part of the gamble we take as gardeners.

Getting back to things that made me excited was this Uvularia grandiflora finally, after about 5 years, bloomed! It's not quite as spectacular as I imagined, but still the fact that it bloomed at all makes me happy. I'm wondering if it was marked wrong and is a different type of Uvularia - any ideas?

Clematis 'Nelly Moser' seems to be up to her usual tricks. Just as I thought it was doing so well in its new spot, the vine is beginning to dry and the leaves turn yellow. This happens every year, although this year it has far more buds than usual. After reading about Nelly on other blogs I'm beginning to think it's a touchy Clematis that's disease prone.

Something interesting I found were these supposed Iris reticulata. The rest of the Iris reticulata bloomed in early Spring, these just sent up foliage. Now it seems as if a flower bud may be coming up. I planted these ones last Fall and they are all doing the same thing now.

Meadow Rue (Thalictrum) is still blooming. The Meadow Rue in the shade still just has buds.

Geranium endressii 'Wargrave Pink' has just begun blooming. This one reseeds everywhere, and seems to love the dry shade. It's hard to complain about a pretty flower that will grow in dry shade, so I usually let several of the seedlings grow.

Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis) is a native perennial ground cover here. It dies all the way back in Fall and then in Spring comes up with these pretty white flowers.

Columbine (Aquilegia) is another reseeder that I would never complain about. I love how they are all different in my yard.

This Columbine popped up through the Hellebores.

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  1. It doesn't take much to get me excited in the garden either. Sorry about your losses in the garden, a gamble we take for sure. I read that container planted clematis have to be replanted in larger containers quite often due to the root system growing so deep and wide....? My/Our Breadseed Poppies are almost 5 feet tall...and gorgeous, I just keep looking at them, thank you again!

  2. I hope the month of May will bring good things your way, Catherine. The Thalictrum really caught my eye.

  3. I am drooling over your beautiful blooms, especially the bunchberry. (My bunchberry has never bloomed.)Happy Friday!

  4. Wow I'm excited too. The columbines are gorgeous. Beautiful geranium too. Meadow Rue is stunning. I'm looking forward to your beauties this summer.

  5. Your flower photos are beautiful as always. I know exactly what you mean about digging into a plant you forgot you planted. I've done that many times myself. Yes, at least it did put out some foilage so you can remember it is there!

  6. That is strange that your Tiki Torch Echinacea did not come back. They are usually tough plants. Your Meadow Rue is so pretty. I like the fluffy petals.Your Columbine is ahead of mine. I have one that is just getting buds but it is a little shady there where they grow. I was thinking about getting a Nelly Moser. Maybe not now LOL!

  7. My meadow rue just started blooming too! I'm so excited! I moved it a few years ago and it must like its new location. On to your clematis. I believe I read somewhere that they like it sweet in the soil? Have you had a soil test to find out if that is the problem? What I do for mine and my peonies is add a bit of bone meal and/or wood ashes to sweeten the soil and to add some nutrients. It seems to work because they are all going gangbusters. A pH problem can be the cause of yellowing leaves. Take care and have a good weekend.

  8. You're right...where did this month go? Time moving at warp speed.

    I love your columbines. And the meadow rue is beautiful. I'll have to do some research on those.

    Have a great weekend.


  9. Your blooms are lovely! I'm jealous that you have some lovely re-seeders that surprise you in the garden. My garden is so new, I can't wait until I get a few surprise as well. Oh wait, I did, the sunflower seeds in the bird seed have sprouted!

  10. Those columbines are gorgeous!

    I'm sorry some of your plants didn't come back. I too was shocked by some of my plants that did AND didn't come back.

  11. Beautiful. Aren't reseeders great? You have some lovely reseeders.

  12. hello
    wonderful pictures,green greetings Sandra

  13. I admit I'm starting to panic a little...I'm not quite done with April yet, still have some 'sow in March-April' planting to get done!

    Catherine, are 'Nelly's' feet shaded? My grandfather always grew that Clematis. Apparently she likes her head in the sun, but her feet in the shade. I hope she doesn't fizzle on you this spring.

  14. Your columbine are so pretty, Catherine! Everything is looking great! You certainly do have a green thumb!

  15. Gorgoues pictures, as usual. Everything looks so lush and green!

  16. Hi Catherine,

    You have oodles of blooms. I love the Meadow Rue, which I grew at my last house. I did reoommend Nelly Moser to a friend because it will take part shade. I hope she doesn't have a problem with igt.

    A good substitute is Hagley Hybrid, I have two and never a problem (also prefers part shade because of the color).

  17. I thought we had a pretty mild winter but I sure lost a lot! And I'm not very happy about it!!! I lost my Clematis Purpurea Plena Elegans. It's in a container so maybe that had something to do with it. 20 years ago I killed Nellie right off the bat - one of the first flowers I planted when we bought this place. Just got it over with fast! ;-)
    Well, what I've seen of yours so far is looking good as always. I look forward to seeing your flowers every day since mine haven't got much of a start yet. Your Meadow Rue is gorgeous. I didn't realize they were such tiny blooms. I just assumed in the picture they were big. How silly of me!

  18. Catherine, the columbines are beautiful. Love that white one. All your flowers look lovely. You are one talented gardener.

  19. We have also had losses in the garden, but I am thankful for all of the miracle recoveries after our extremely cold winter!

    Your garden is beautiful - you have captured it so well in your photos! I am glad to know that Columbine is a reseeder as I have just started some in my garden.

  20. Catherine,
    Out Salvia 'Black and Blue' (Salvia guarantica)never did well here, now it has moved itself and looks great! Shame about your Clematis Henryii, ours is very hardy and just keeps going, right now 60-70 blooms on this teenage plant!

  21. What delightful colors, Catherine! It's ironic that most of the times the most unexpected plants survive and the ones we think are tough enough give it up...
    Glad to see so many blooming happily in your garden.

  22. Wow.
    This is my first visit and your photos are absolutely amazing.
    I also have minima stretch as a template-
    Do you size your photos at the large setting?
    I hope you don't think I am being too forward.
    It's just lovely.

    I am now a follower.
    Come by if you have time.

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  23. I love your Meadow Rue! Do you know which species that is? I love your Geranium and Bunchberry too.

  24. Thank you all for your nice comments! I'm not ready to give up on 'Nelly Moser' yet. The bloom is fully opened today and it's such a pretty flower that I will check the soil and give it a bit of food to see if that helps. I do think the roots are shaded enough, but maybe a large rock might give it a little extra shade.

    Sweet Bay - I don't know the species of the Meadow Rue, I bought it long before I thought knowing the name was important. I have several plants that I wish I would've saved tags for now.

  25. Only one perennial in my yard didn't make it through the winter...Coreopis grandiflora 'Early Sunrise'. They're often described as virtually indestructible, so I don't know what happened. Sorry about your no shows.

    Your columbine is a beautiful color. I don't get a lot of reseeding because I'm constantly deadheading everything.

    I luv the looks of your Meadow Rue, so lacy looking.

    Lookin' good in your garden. Enjoy!


  26. So many lovely flowers Catherine and they look so good after a shower of rain too in your photos. I can't keep any type of Echinacea going more than 2 years in the garden.

    You and me have very similar flowers except for the Uvularia but it will be the end of May before I see them in flower.

    Some clematis are fussy - have you got the roots covered with ground cover plants or large cobbles as that might help alittle to keep the roots shady. Have a lovely weekend :) Rosie

  27. My Geranium 'Rozanne' is very late every year. I have just about given up watching for it and finially a few buds appear.

  28. Such fantastic things are happening around your garden!
    That Clematis is such a divine pink !

  29. You must be quite a bit warmer down in WA than we are up here. My columbines are all just in leaf and neither dogwood is blooming yet - still have lots of daffodils and tulips in flower.
    You have a lovely blog, and I'm about to start following..........

  30. What a bevy of beautiful blooms! Happy May Day today! Have a floriferous one!

  31. Catherine, I know 'Rozanne' gets a lot of press as a very reliable cultivar, but I've twice lost plants of this species over the winter. I replaced mine with a similar looking variety called 'Brookside,' which does very well here. -Jean

  32. All of them are so wonderful. We have bunch berries that grow wild in out timber also. The colors are so great in your photos.

  33. Your garden is really popping now. I do have some of those purple iris up, so we are moving right along. Just need to stop planting my pots and take some pictures. I also need to update my template for bigger pictures, just like you... Love the big ones, as you can really see all the glory.

    Kate - The Garden Bell


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