"One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it brings."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall workout/cleanup!

Who needs to go to the "Y" to exercise when you've got the fall clean up to do? We got quite a bit of the backyard finished yesterday. By the time the side yard and front yard are done I'll be ready for a marathon!
The girls didn't have school yesterday or today because of a teacher work day and Veterans Day, so we went out early before the rain returned and got right to work.

This side of the pond area has had a major overhaul in the last couple of months. I've been doing a lot of rearranging of plants. I moved over this baby Dogwood (Cornus florida) from where it was planted too close to the apple tree. As my daughter Sweet Pea said, "this area needed some height." The neighbors on the other side of the fence limbed and thinned their Cedar trees way up and now there is finally space for a tree. I'm not done planting yet, but off to a good start.

Earlier this summer I found this very sad fuchsia 'Aurea' under overgrown hostas, it had one tiny withered stem left. I nursed it in a container all summer and finally put it back in the ground where it has room to grow. If you notice, it's even got a flower bud on it now.

Try to ignore the horrible fence that needs to be replaced, that is one of the first things on our to do list for spring. I've been adding and rearranging plants here too. One small tree that is new here is Juniper 'Gold Cone' which I'll show more in a later post.

Looking down the path was a solid sea of leaves and needles. I love seeing it all clean again. On the right side of the arbor I moved over Clematis 'Nelly Moser'. She never really liked her old spot and I only had one bloom this summer. I hope she likes it better here.

Another change was moving this birdhouse to this corner of the yard. The hellebores in this area are putting out a lot of new growth.

The entrance to the side yard which still needs more cleaning, but at least it's clean on this side of the gate. The Corsican hellebore on the left was a seedling from a friend years ago, now it's got seedlings popping up around it.

Heading back down the path to the area where nothing grows under the big Pine tree. I've read a lot about Epimediums and have decided they just might grow here. I've planted lots of Crocus bulbs and will be sprinkling more Columbine seeds here soon.

Looking back through the arbor towards the pond. The raccoons made a mess of it again, they tore up the lily pads and Water Hawthorne. They seem to get a little worse this time of year, but so far the fish are smarter than them.

Hopefully I'll get to the rest of the yard this week and then I can enjoy watching all the birds that have been in the yard from inside with a cup of hot chocolate!
I also want to add a big Thank You to the Veterans that have served our country!
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  1. I found you through Maria in Chile's blog. I think your garden is beautiful. I am a gardener too..........I have a theory that there are no mean gardeners....everyone I have ever met that is a gardener is a sweet, caring person....that's because "a beautiful garden is a work of heart."

    Glad I found you,
    Karen Eileen

  2. Good Afternoon Catherine, Looks like you and the girls made a lot of progress in the garden. We've had lots of rain and we're covered up with fallen leaves. It feels good to get the chores done and sit down and just enjoy looking doesn't it? Enjoy some hot chocolate and I hope you get some bird photos to share.

  3. Hello Catherine,

    You got so much done. You make me feel like I have no excuses not to go outside to work on mine.

    I just love how great it feels to have a nicely "cleaned" garden.

  4. Wow, you have done a fantastic job! yay!Looks wonderful! I hope your clematis enjoys her new spot! I look forward to seeing your garden in full bloom again! That sounds like the perfect kind of day..hot chocolate and birdwatching! Have fun!

  5. I really like your pathways through your garden. Feels good to get a lot done doesn't it? We are just waiting on high tide...the downside of living on the water.

  6. Your garden is looking really good and is putting me to shame ....but at least I can blame the wet weather!

  7. Good work nursing that fuschia back to health, I did notice the flower bud. I love all your wonderful birdhouses, also that cute stack of stones with the little birdie on top under the pine tree. I think you will love Epimediums, I bet they will grow very nicely there. I had some in a previous garden, when I lived in Massachusetts, planted under a swamp maple, and they did well.

    South of Seattle, we are having s lovely, sunny but crisp, fall morning!

    Kudos to you on getting things sorted!

  8. Hi Catherine, your garden looks so nice even if you haven't finished for the winter =) Epimediums are beauties but theres a small "problem" with them. I hope I'm abel to explain (my english writing isn't that good (spelling problem) I'm better speaking) The rootes from the Epimedium gets very tight and makes it a bit hard for the bulbs to come thru. So the bulbs I've planted under mine doesn't show any more. I had crocus and some other small once but no tulips or daffodils maby they would make it better getting thru those roots. Hope you see what I meen / gittan

  9. I love your flagstone pathways, and your garden looks very organized. Nice work!

  10. You're way ahead of me with the fall gardening chores, your garden looks great! I've had a hard time finding stuff that can compete with our pine trees too.

  11. Sounds like you and the girls had a busy but productive day Catherine. Hope that your Nelly Noser likes her new home :)

  12. Well Catherine, I am totally worn out now, after all that clean up! I agree, who needs a gym when there is gardening to do? So much more satisfying with much more to show for it. How funny is Sweet Pea, she will be ready for paying landscaping jobs before you know it. Under the pine tree is a difficult spot. We have a tall stand of mature Loblollys and have found that viburnums and hollies can survive and a little spreading anemone sylvestris has nearly covered the area, even doing battle against the horrid vinca major. Seed gown, cultivar named 'Madonna'. :-)

  13. Catherine,

    Love those stone paths and the natural flow you have in your garden. All those privacy fences makes me think no one wants to get to know their neighbors anymore. We let the flower beds have the leaves until early spring. I am tempted to pull out the blackberries in one of the front gardens that have taken over, after this huge rainstorm I might just get my chance.

  14. I just love it when gardens are so neat and tidy like this one. It gives me such a good feeling. All the hard work will be worth it come spring. Your Corsican hellebore is really big.

  15. Those raccoons of your must be a brave lot to come into your fenced garden.Those fish are too tempting for them maybe ;-) I can see how big the pines are in the last shot. Not wonder your have needles to clean up all the time. I do not have any here but Mom does in her back yard and the ground is coated with needles. I just planted my helebore last year. I had no idea they got so big. Mine is still small but it has grown some. Your seeds are in the mail but I forgot about no mail for Veterans day but they will get there soon.

  16. Karen Eileen - I totally agree with what you say about gardeners!

    Gittan - I do understand what you're saying. Hopefully the crocuses will have a chance this spring since there not too close now. And if just the Epimediums will grow then I'll still be happy :) BTW I did buy more bulbs today!

    Frances - Thanks for the anemone suggestion. I will keep an eye out for that one.

    Randy - We have a elementary school behind us which already has a fence and with having a pond I feel we need to have a fenced back yard. We do have a pretty friendly neighborhood, but most people around here have fences for their dogs or small children. When we lived in St. Louis I remember no one having fences and us kids loved all that huge open space to play in.

  17. Looks great! The garden is a year round project! You never really have down time from it, it always something. Weeds, leaves, etc.

  18. Your garden is just beautiful (bet it's beautiful "not cleaned", too.) I cannot wait to get rid of more of my lawn! Your garden is so inspiring. I love all of your bird houses and structures and that stone bird bath (?) with the moss on it is really special.

  19. I wish I had that much energy to go and work in my yard. I walk out there and think to myself how much needs to be done. Then I just turn around and walk back in. I just can't get fired up about doing anything. I really hate that!

  20. Tomorrow is my day to get in the garden. First, in the vegetable garden, then in the front garden. Both are a mess right now, so I have a lot to do. I should carry a camera.....NOT!

    Your garden looks terrific!

  21. You did a great job getting everything so tidy! I love the stone walkway. I love being out in the yard this time of year even if it's only to rake and clean up. Soon there will be snow on the ground and I won't be able to do that so I relish every minute of it.

  22. I am stuck on what to say first. I like you managed to get out there between rain storms and clean up some of the fall litter. I still have a long way to go yet. You look like you did a bang up job with yours!
    I am so bummed to hear that the raccoons got into your pond. I have not had that problem most likely because of the dogs but I hear they make a terrible mess tearing up everything in their path. I am very happy to hear that the fishes survived the attack. Poor babies.
    I have to do a little pond clean up tomorrow after I tackle another round of leaves. sigh. Hope the weather holds out.
    I love the little white picket fence by the way. Very cute.

  23. You got a lot accomplished, looks great, do azaleas grow there? They love to grow around pines here. going to the doctor this morning about my elbow, if I get another shot in my elbow, cortisone, it will hurt like 'hell' for about two days, (you already know this) and then I can get moving around here and mail packages, plants and seeds!!

  24. There is a lot of work in the garden even when the season is over, isn't it? Can the racoons swim?

  25. HI Catherine,
    We have the same "crazy paving" path. Your garden is looking tidy! I am the same way, who needs to work out when you work "outside"?

  26. Hiya Catherine

    I always reckon there is more to do at this time of year than any other.

    Keep busy as they say!


  27. Hi Catherine, no doubt your garden must be very happy for all the work you are doing in it. I´m so glad to see how hard you work, as I do, because later we have the fruits of our work.
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia

  28. Love your stone pathways. I agree that tending to a garden is not only a workout but therapy as well. There is just no other activity quite like it.

  29. you really have been a busy little gardener haven't you! It all looks very nice...fall is a hard time of year for us all...we know our gardens are done...but it is just so hard to let go.
    I love the archway photo...your path is great!
    have a wonderful weekend friend

  30. Good for you for dragging your kids out to help work in the garden. The day I did the majority of my Fall garden clean-up, my daughter broke her own sleep-in record - 1:50 p.m. The tween's becomin' a teenager!

  31. Catherine you have clearly had a productive time I still have lots to do and running out of time.


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