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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The pond in November.

I can't believe November is half over already.  We've been having lots of wind and rain the last few days, so beside going out to take pictures there's not much I can get done in the garden.  It looks like it will cool down this weekend, but I'm not sure it'll be cold enough for a frost still and the chance of snow seems to be diminishing too.  Still, it definitely feels like winter is here.
The pond seems to be filling with leaves again, but I'll wait to scoop them out until the leaves are off all the trees.  The fish have been fairly active still.  I noticed recently there seem to be fish missing again.  I haven't seen signs of raccoons, so I'm wondering if the herons have been sneaking in.  The strangest thing I found while weeding a few weeks ago was a fish in the middle of the shed garden.  I have no idea how it got there, something must have dropped it.  Last winter the heron pretty much emptied our pond, I'm hoping that doesn't happen again this year.
Today while I was out I saw two hawks circling above the school behind us.  Normally we don't see a lot of hawks around here because the crows chase them away.  Maybe the hawks will scare the herons away.

 I love the fuchsia magellanica this time of year.  It is still covered in flowers and will be until after the first hard frost.

 This stake with the little pot on it is to mark where some of the bulbs I planted are.  This will hopefully prevent anyone from stepping on them as they emerge of me from digging into them again.  I got the idea to spray paint them from another blog this summer, I can't remember which one it was though.  Salvia 'Golden Delicious' is still blooming in the container.

 Here on the fence you can see the trellis I painted last week.  It really adds some nice bright color.

 I'm so excited that the Beautyberry 'Profusion' is doing so well.  It was planted last year after seeing it on many blogs.  I'm so happy to see how many berries it has in it's first year.

Speaking of spray painting things, this is another trellis I painted last week.  It could use another coat, but will have to wait until next spring.  My hope is that the Pieris will cover the light transformer boxes eventually.  I love these little purple Violas, they are one of my favorite flowers right now.

I wonder if the pond will have ice on it, or maybe even snow in December's picture.
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  1. Oh, Catherine, your gardens are still so full & beautiful. Our are now fully in rest ...

    Have a beautiful & blessed Thanksgiving holiday season ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Love the beautyberry!
    Each color seems to pop more in the fall.
    My aunt lost several fish to a heron from their cattle tank (it has no cover). She has since created a place the fish can swim into for protection. Kind of a fish cave. I've also heard of putting netting at the top of the water in a pond. I don't know if that one works but the fish cave is good for a cattle tank.

  3. Your "November" pond still looks beautiful! I'm glad you didn't have any damage from those strong wind storms!

  4. Dear Catherine, Your spray painted trellises are such fun. The colour is so dramatic and works perfectly in the garden, especially as the season draws to a close. Paint can transform things so quickly and easily and you use it with such bravura!

  5. I'm in shock that November is almost a goner. Oh yikes, blessed to have 10 coming next week, cursed to have 10 coming next week.

    Your pond still looks GREAT. Love the touch of blue too.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  6. I see you also have the "Golden Delicious" salvia. Mine started blooming in October, and I think I bought them in 4 inch pots this year and they are HUGE now. I noticed on the tag, however, that it said to protect from winter moisture! Oops! Mine are in the ground...what do you think the chances are of protecting it from winter moisture in the PNW? They might just end up as annuals!

  7. Your pond still looks great to me! I love the unusual purple of the beauty berry. Do you have a typical winter there, with snow and cold (freezing)?

  8. Look at all of those pretty berries on your Beauty Bush. I love it. I hope mine gets berries next year. It goes terrific with the new paint job on the trellis Catherine.
    Love your Fuchsia though.

  9. Your pond looks lovely. I'm about to buy some blue salvia, they are great value and flower for a long time.
    My sister has a pond and they put a wire criss crossed trellis over the pond to stop preditors, similar to the netting I guess.

  10. Spray paint is just the best isn't it? Looks good around your pond. Ever thought about putting some type of wire over the pond?

  11. Catherine, you know the pond is one of my favorite things in your garden.


  12. That pond looks so peaceful and tranquil. Love it!

  13. I love seeing your pond each month. I hope to add some kind of water feature to my garden "someday." Herons live here during the summer and I have heard many sorrowful tales of "pond emptiness." Just love that beauty berry. I may risk planting one - it is Z4 here but I can add Z5 in microclimates. Your trellises look fantastic!

  14. Wow, Catherine! Your trellises (? that looks funny)are absolutely gorgeous. I had to look at the last photo several times. It looks like it should be on a Hallmark greeting card.

    I'm crazy nuts about the Beautyberry. I had it on my "wish list", too, but never got around to buying/planting one. I wonder how they do here in zone 4?

    Poor missing fish....do you think a hawk would grab them?


  15. Your pond and the area around it are looking awesome! I like your stake where the bulbs are planted.

    I hope you don't lose any more fish. My husband had a couple in a whiskey barrel with a little fountain above it. Just a week or so ago, a raccoon or some other kind of critter ate them.

  16. Catherine, as always your pond looks lovely, such lovely reflections, I don't have a pond because I'm afraid of encouraging mosquitoes, but I miss having water in my garden, I will have to think of a way. i like your painted pots, such fun!

  17. Everything is looking happy.
    Shame to hear about the heron.
    Painting trellises is something I just started this summer...I like it.
    Beautyberry is another new plant to me.
    Your making me think,maybe I can keep plants in pots untill they go in the ground or just keep them in the pots.

  18. Your pond is so beautiful Catherine! Love the touches of color your trellises add too. You will have to keep a watch out to find out who is stealing your fish. I remember the Heron last year! Could you put a net over the pond when you are not there? Good Luck!

  19. The pond is so lovely and tranquil. I could sit for hours beside it.

  20. Well you still have some color. Beautyberry is doing well and looks nice against the fence. Hope you have a blessed day Catherine.

  21. Catherine where did the year go!

    Everything still looks lush and pretty in your neck of the woods.

    I'm still loving those pond photo's and next year I'll try to plant some of those lovely beauty berries.

    Here's wishing you and family a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  22. Your garden is still so gorgeous and something tells me it will keep it's beauty throughout the Winter months.

  23. Those little pansies look so nice there. Your pond is lovely!

  24. Your trellises turned out beautiful! Love the pops of color they add ~ I'm sure they'll look even better in winter.
    Sorry to hear about your missing fish again. :-(
    I worry about mine but so far, so good. I do have a cinder block in the center they can swim into ~ I keep hoping that will give them enough protection but I don't know?
    I just put both my solar panels over my little pond so it's safe now for winter.

  25. Your pond area is beautiful in every season. You have such a nice mixture of plants and the hardscaping is lovely.
    Love the Beautyberry and the little violas nodding their purple heads :)


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