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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is it really November?

After record setting rainfall on Monday we've been spoiled with springlike weather since.  It's currently 70 degrees out with blue skies, just beautiful.  I was able to get some more clean up done today, although the bulbs still haven't been planted, and I'm already thinking about what I want to do in spring.  Hopefully when it's spring those very bulbs that are still waiting to be planted will be blooming. 
For much of the summer I felt like I'd lost interest in gardening.  This summer was probably the least I've gotten done in years.  I'm not sure if it was the weather or just a phase I was going through.  But, I already feel that excitement that I usually have for gardening returning, and days like today really help allow me to make up for lost time.
Look what I found blooming today:

 Salvia 'Golden Delicious' which is an annual here is finally blooming now that it's November.

 Hardy fuchsias are still blooming very nicely.  It's difficult to see in this picture, but the Water Hawthorn is blooming in the pond now.

 My newish Hydrangea 'Limelight' still has several fresh flowers.

 One of the new Daylilies which I didn't expect to see flowers from until next year has thrown up a bud.

 Lewisia has a new flower.

 Rose 'Kimberlina' has lots of buds, I wonder how many will get to bloom?

 A Hollyhock in November is very unusual.  I found this one when I was picking a couple of pears nearby.

Cosmos and Rose 'Lady Emma Hamilton' are blooming quite a bit even though the area they are in has gotten quite shady now.

Did anyone else notice how beautiful the moon was early this morning?  I wish I would've tried to get a picture of it.  It was followed by a beautiful gold sunrise.  I wish every November day could be this nice!
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  1. Catherine, this is where we leave you guys. We will not come out of this frost, frozen until March, so I will be watching your blog for extended blooms.


  2. Hi Catherine, So glad to hear you are feeling excited about the garden again. I always enjoy your posts and touring your flower beds to see what surprises have sprouted! I can't believe you still have such a variety of color. Funny how the weather really affects our mood. I'm taking a short break - I have a terrible cold and our weather in GA is rainy and cool - I'm catching up on reading! Can't wait to see where you put all the new bulbs.

  3. Your Kimberlina is beautiful and so is your Limelight Hydrangea. Looks like you found lots of surprises hiding in your gardens. Don't ya just love that? I even went out pulling my oxygen cylinder and walked around the yard. I hauled a bunch of maple leaves and threw them on some weedy areas to help hold the weeds down. I think I've seen people doing that right? Hope so cause I hauled a bunch of 'em and spread them where I'd like to throw some seeds later on and see what comes up. Now I see why my neighbor kept trying to tell me how pretty Lewisias were. They really are gorgeous. Well, enjoy this weather I think we're going to get another day of it tomorrow and then downpours after that from what Mr. Bob said.

  4. Gosh, I sure doesn't feel warm here. NC is going to get some snow soon!

  5. Your garden is beautiful, looks like it was spring and not winter is coming.


  6. You would not think it was November to look at your lovely garden Catherine! How lush! I am definitely having blossom envy here. But so happy for you!! All the best in the new month. Gorgeous rose shot! ;>)

  7. While visiting other blogs this summer I've found others who shared your lack of enthusiasm for gardening this season (myself included). I don't know if the malaise was induced by each of our odd weather patterns or what, but now that the seasons are changing so am I. I'm with you in that I'm looking forward to next year (though, had you asked me 5-6 weeks ago, I would have only shrugged). Fortunately our enthusiasm for gardening is more of a perennial that can take an occasional punch than a fair-weather annual.

    Your late blooms are lovely! :-D

  8. Catherine, perhaps it was the weather or just a "summer thing" but you're back. So much is still blooming in your garden. The moon was like a bright thumbnail in the sky early this morning as the sun was dawning. Very nice.

  9. I agree, beautiful day! Across the country no less. I have to learn more about that Lewisia. And that holly hock reminds me that I planted that same color this summer and look forward to it blooming come next season. I am actually tired of gardening - something I never thought I would be. But then I get out there and well, I am still just as hooked as ever. Finally planted all my bulbs today into the evening as more rain is predicted. Can't wait to see your spring bulbs blooming.

  10. Lewesia is new to me. Your hollyhock has such deep burgundy colour. Hope you will keep the seeds.

  11. There's nothing like perfect weather and a beautiful day to renew your gardening enthusiasm. Our snow melted, and the temperatures warmed up, so I got the digging urge, but it is too late to plant here.

    How nice to have the fuchsias still blooming. I really enjoyed mine in a planter by the front door this year. I bet it was wishing it had got shipped to the Pacific Northwest instead. :)

    The Lewisia is beautiful with all of those subtle variations in pink.

    Enjoy the November gardening.

  12. You certainly have some great blooms for November. I had one of those dark hollyhocks in Virginia....didn't bloom before we moved. bummer.

  13. Wow Catherine, I would love your weather. The birdbath and pond had ice on them this morning, it has been cold here. Winter coat and mitts needed. Enjoy your weekend and the great weather.

  14. My car's thermometer said 81 today! I got out in the yard and did some clean up. Not fun but I'll be happy to have done it once spring comes. :)

    I still have some dahlias coming, too.

  15. Hi Catherine.
    Glad you're finding your garden "joy" again. I lose mine from time to time, but so far, it's never failed to return!
    It does sound like we are having similar weather. I wish every November day could have been like today (here) too. I'm going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts because I know sooner or later, the snow will fly!
    Our one hard frost took out most of the blooms so you have a lot more than I do blooming. What's new there tho?!! I remember last winter being so jealous of your twelve months of blooms! I'm good now tho since our summer was to my liking. I definitely think combined with this great fall weather, I'll do a lot less complaining this winter!

  16. Seventy degrees that's wow in itself Catherine! That rose is beautiful just now in the garden and I think those temperatures must be perfect for it.

    Our moon will not be full for another 1.5 weeks and I want to photograph it aswell daytime aswell as nighttime.

    I have this page bookmarked Catherine on taking photos of the moon and thought you might like to read it :)


  17. Dear Catherine ~ I'm so glad to hear the joy of gardening has returned for you. I think we all go through phases, and this past summer was hard on a lot of us.

    Your bloomers are still a treat to behold. I think my favorite this time is Lewisia. Hope you have a few more days of mild weather to get your bulbs planted.

    Have a lovely day and a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  18. Hi Catherine, you still have a lot to enjoy in the garden. I'm a little bit jealous since the very early frost we hard destroyed most of the fall colourse we are used to get / gittan

  19. Beautiful flowers Catherine! I'm glad you got some sunshine and enjoyed your beautiful garden!

  20. November hasn't been nearly so kind to us. It's cold and frosty, and soon I'll head out to see the damage. The frosts have been coming fast and furious, and many flowers are dying off. But I can see a few hanging on out the windows! I swear I think I'll see my lamium bloom year round though. That thing is unstoppable!

  21. More beautiful days will come for sure. The hollyhock is a special treat!

  22. Hi Catherine. Glad to hear you are getting your garden excitement back. I think it was just such a strange summer in your area that it got you down. Sometimes we just need to step away for awhile too.
    The Lewisa has such pretty color variegation's on the petals.Very pretty for the front of a bed.
    That hollyhock is such a deep color. t is so pretty in the sun with the white center glowing.Nice of it to give you a late bloom.

  23. I love that salvia.

    I've lost my gardening mojo this year too. The weather had a lot to do with it. Too hot, not enough rain, it was just miserable from early April through most of October. Now it's cool and raining. There'll be a hard freeze this weekend. I can finally put the garden to bed next week.

  24. You are mirroring our weather here in Italy. Friday and Saturday were glorious, sunny and very warm; followed by 2 days of wind rain and cold. Then yesterday and today have again been wonderful (t-shirt weather) I've been planting - more on the blog soon.
    I'm so pleased you're enjoying the garden again. I love reading your blog. I'm sure we must all feel that way sometimes.

  25. It's great that you're having such beautiful weather in November! Pineapple Sage is one worth waiting for, even if it does bloom *really* late. I don't have it this year and miss it.

  26. Glad you are getting your excitement back for gardening. You still have some nice blooms, love the Hollyhock.

  27. Such beauty Catherine, I'm glad you're getting your gardening bug back. :) The black hollyhock is abosolutely stunning!

  28. How the gardener got her groove back?
    Love all your blooms! I went and tore everything out last weekend due to the constant rain making it so ugly. I still have wildflowers though!
    Fall and Spring are just the same seasons in reverse--so we better get cracking at those yard chores!

  29. I can't believe that Salvia is blooming. I bet that was a surprise to find.

  30. Hi!
    The flowers are awesome especially the Rose, Hollyhock and Lawisia. I love them. you have some wonderful plants around you. .... Lucky you ..... I am feeling jealous.
    The colors in the pictures are so beautiful that I could not resist having a second look and then a third one. Autumn definitely has a lot of charm in its own way :)
    And yes! you are right November seems strange now ---- Probably global warming :(


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