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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fertilizer Friday - new flowers to flaunt.

Another week has passed by so quickly it seems like just yesterday I was doing last Friday's post.  The garden is looking good this week with new blooms and roses on another round of flowers.  I still have quite a few bare spots I'd like to fill and am trying to keep in mind bloom times as I fill them.  I tend to pull up the annuals and then fill all the empty places in with what end up being end of summer bloomers and then once Spring rolls around I feel like nothing blooms until mid July.  Now that I've realized what I'm doing it's easier to make sure there is more year round interest rather than everything blooming at the same time and having to wait a long time for new blooms.  I've also found that I've done far less plant moving this summer than usual.  I think I'm finally getting the right plant in the right place, although it took many years for some of them to get there.

 I'm so happy that Rose 'Gertrude Jekyll' has started blooming again.  I was a bit concerned about how it would end up doing this year.  Both this and 'Abraham Darby' were really hit with black spot pretty bad, but after using an organic spray and some organic rose fertilizer they both look much better.

 I always forget how many Phlox I have until they start blooming.  The plant blends in so well with everything else, then suddenly I'm surprised by all the bright spots of color.  I've lost track of which are which now.

 This one is the reverse coloring of the one above it and also reseeds quite a bit.

 I always remember 'David' since it's the only white one.  It also reseeds like crazy.

 Echinacea 'Double Decker' which is now in it's third year in my garden and also in it's third year of not being a double.  It did have some strange extra petals last year, but nothing like it supposed to look.

 Behind the Echinacea is Aster 'Monch' which I moved last year.  It's in more sun and is growing up instead of reaching sideways for the sun.

 A new Echinacea 'Summer Sky' which is the color of the powdered cheese that comes with macaroni, not that I've ever served any of that to my kids.  ☺  Not sure if I like the color, a little fluorescent, and I'm not sure I would've bought it if it was in bloom at the time.

 By this time of year Dragonflies are constantly swooping over our yards.  I love seeing their shadows float by when I'm outside.  This one seemed to like landing on the warm stones and pavement to rest.

 I've never had Sweet Peas bloom this long, they are usually long done by now.  These are planted by the back door and the scent really carries.  I keep picking little bouquets to put around the house.  Sweet Peas are one flower I do pick regularly, one to prolong the bloom time and two because they smell so good I like them in as many rooms as possible.

I'm so happy the Pear trees are producing pears in their second year.  They each have about 6 pears which seem to be growing quickly now.  Our apple tree still just has one apple, the fig tree is loaded with figs and the Blueberries are ripening and at the tart and juicy stage which is just how I love them.  There has been a baby Robin that loves them as well, almost every time I walk through the area the blueberries are I see him hopping around underneath.  He doesn't even seemed scared of me when I walk by, just looks up and then keeps going.

Tootsie hosts Fertilizer Friday each week.  This week she is sharing garden pictures from non-blogging gardeners so they can get a chance to share their pretty gardens with all of us. 
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  1. O Catherine.....beautiful flowers in your garden...wishing you a wonderful weekend........love Ria.....

  2. Oh, I didn't know that tall Phlox would reseed! I have one on my blog today for FF, I hope I get more of it!

    Great dragonfly pic! Do you have plans for the pears? Or are you just hoping they hold on till they're ripe, and not thinking that far ahead? LOL

  3. Sweet Peas, everyone is talking sweet peas this year, they have always been my favorite, at a talk I gave to a garden club I was asked what my favorite thing to grow was, without hesitation I answered, "Sweet Peas! I love them!" Yes, they are a challenge to keep them going but it can be done, at least here at the Farm and I'm definitely hoping for a good year for them this year as I need them in September for another Farm wedding!

  4. I one phlox that fills the whole garden with its' scent. Your garden is looking so healthy and happy. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Incredible blooms and the pears look wonderful!!

  6. Hi Catherine, The pholox and white coneflower are all so pretty. I have never smelled sweet peas - it's not something I have ever seen but it sure is pretty. That's a great photo of the dragonfly too. That's cute about the robin just hopping out of your way. Guess he feels comfortable with you! Hope you have a nice weekend.

  7. Enjoyed the Friday tour - thanks Catherine :)

  8. The pears are so nice looking. I love the phlox in your garden, the blooms are spectacular.

  9. Your pears look yummy - I love them green - Bob loves them green and hard as a rock!
    Your foliage on the phlox looks so nice, what's your secret cause mine always look horrible.
    Do you plant sweet peas every year or do they reseed? I've heard there are perennials. Guess I should check into all of this. We had them one year but they didn't do so great. The few that did smelled just heavenly.
    Love your Gertrude Jekyll a very pretty rose.

  10. I want to have more phlox...adding them slowly. Yours are beautiful..hope mine reseed. Oh, I guess my Aster needs more sun. Making pear pies next week here!

  11. I actually really like your Echinacea 'Summer Sky', but here we can get away with bold colors, as the paler shades of some flowers tend to get lost on our hillsides unless planted in large drifts. As for Robins and blueberries, it took them a while to find ours this year, but once they did, it was a scramble every morning to see who could get to them first. It's quite funny watching a young Robin try to force down a monster-sized blueberry :P

  12. It is great to have plants where you want them Catherine ... leaves more time for watching dragonfly shadows... I love those too and how they dart about eating biting insects. I enjoy the image of you and the baby robin picking blueberries. Lovely blooms! ;.)

  13. Catherine, your Gertrude Jekyll looks wonderful. I wasn't able to keep mine alive past one year. I realize th difference in our climates when I see your pears.


  14. The new blooms are Pretty Catherine".

    I really like the "phlox David" I must get a few white ones for my future garden..

    I understand what you mean about trying to get things to bloom in the right place at the right times through out the year..

    I have quiet a ways to go before I get it right .. Good for you"

    have a fabulous weekend"

    ~~ vetsy

  15. Things are looking beautiful in your garden. Love those two phlox. I have a few but none like those. They are such a happy plant! I notice you say you have figs. I live in Wa too and have a fig tree in a pot...this is the 3rd year and a definitely DO NOT have a fig in sight. Is yours in the ground?

  16. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. I'll have more time to visit everyone tomorrow, but can't wait to see what everyone has blooming.

    Alison - You're funny, definitely just hoping they just ripen and then we'll see, maybe a tart or something.

    Suzy - This is a Desert King fig and we've had it about 4 years. It probably took a good 3 years to start getting much. It's in a raised bed about 3x3x3 feet. It's gotten Huge this year. I think as long as you have one that's good for the PNW you'll get some figs in another year or so. Now we have so many I don't know what to do with them.

  17. The Phlox are stunning. Sweet Peas in July!! You have amazing plants in Washington state!!

  18. Thanks for the info on the fig. Mine is Brown Turkey which is supposed to be suited for the area. I won't be giving up on it :-)

  19. Your phlox are beautiful! I've been enjoying them around the neighborhood - such a surprise shot of color in our 100+ degree heat.
    I like the "mac and cheese" flower :)

  20. The echinacea are stunning. I really like the phlox with their delicate and pastel coloring. Just beautiful, your garden.

  21. Hi Catherine - Looking lovely as always, your place. I am curious about your organic rose spray - nearly all the leaves of most of my poor neglected roses succumbed to the worst black spot ever, and I did nothing but watch in horror. I keep thinking to get rid of them but then I am too lazy. I'm glad yours recovered with your expert care! Pears look delicious - must be so satisfying to have real fruit from the garden after only a short time! Hope you guys have a fun weekend.

  22. Catherine, dragonflies in Japan are symbols of courage, strength, and happiness. Must be a good omen.

  23. Those Phlox are gorgeous! I'll have to investigate, but I don't think they do well down here.

  24. I posted comments here yesterday but evidently it didn't take for whatever reason. I'll try again..your garden flowers all look so lush and healthy. Beautiful garden phlox..what is the name of the darker pink one? Love it! David..does his blooms stay as white as they are in the picture or do they start turning diry white when he's been blooming a long time? My neighbor up the street has one in shade and it's doing well. Her yard is like a neat jungle.

    The Summer Sky coneflower goes on my 2011 wish list after seeing yours!

    That Aster "Monch" is the prettiest I've ever seen. Always been afraid to plant aster because a lot of people said they were invasive and I'd be sorry. Does that reseed a lot? The pink butterfly bush is so pretty..is that Miss Ruby variety?

    In the flowerbed where the lupine, liatris, tall verbena on a stick, and the coneflowers are, what are the colored flowerpots on a green stake for? Yard decoration for adding color?

    Thanks for sharing these pics with us. They gave me a lot of inspiration.

  25. Oh, you saved the best for last. Luv the pear photo. Years ago we lived in a house with a big yard full of apple and pear trees.

    My 'David' that I planted last fall started blooming this week. Don't think my photo will be as impressive as yours.

    Your 'Summer Sky' is pretty and I like how described its color.

    Happy Weekend to you.


  26. It's good to see pretty phlox! Mine have had a rough summer and quite a few couldn't handle the heat. 'David' has done well! Hope he reseeds around for me.

  27. Hi. Found your garden from the garden blog roll. It is beautiful! Love the pink cone flowers and your pink phlox; I don't have that color but must get some. We are in Washington state, but our phlox and black-eyed susan are not bloomed out yet. And, I have never seen sleeping bumble bees :). I will be posting a garden update this week.
    Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Julie

  28. I have one phlox, Robert Moore variety that has bloomed non stop for several weeks. It's almost the only thing that has bloomed good this summer.

  29. Hi Catherine! What beautiful flowers! Phlox? I don't think I've ever heard of it before, but I love it! The pink Phlox looks so beautiful next to the blue hydrangeas. You live in such a beautiful state, I love reading your blog and dreaming of one day living there too! Have a lovely Sunday.

  30. I want one of every plant you have ... gosh! they are gorgeous! We've only had one dragonfly that I chased all over the yard trying to get a pics of that I've seen thus far. Your pics are fabulous ...

    Don't miss our giveaway ~
    Have a beautiful summer's eve ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  31. Your flowers are amazing. I really love phlox and yours are gorgeous!

  32. I was sure I left a comment Friday but don't see it so I'll just leave another. Love those pink phlox. What a delicious color.

    I remember my Grandmother's pear tree. I haven't had such sweet, perfectly ripe pears since. I should plant one.

  33. I thought I left a comment too. How strange. Anyway, your phlox are gorgeous. I need to make a space for some in my garden. I have zero and I've seen them on so many blogs lately.
    Can't believe your Aster is blooming already. I'm going to go look at mine and see if there are even buds.
    Sounds like lots of yummy fruit to eat around your yard. I could live on that food group (well, if a little chocolate were thrown in too).

  34. I love phlox for the large clusters of petals. Your photo of David makes if look so billowy and soft. My David is at the bud stage, but I hope to see the flowers soon. I have a 'David's Lavender', too, which has been very healthy so far.

  35. I've got to get me some of those two tone phlox, they are so pretty! I wish I had sweetly scented sweet peas in bloom, mine didn't do very well. They came up, but stopped growing up, and never bloomed. Darn it!

  36. Ohh your Phlox is groing so wonderful, her in Holland they look different, the shape of the bowl of flowers is different, isn't that strange :)

    You have a wonderful garden, I like your pictures so much!

    Regards, Veronique


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