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Friday, December 11, 2009

Fertilizer Friday - Success inside.

Since the weather has been so cold I've barely been outside other than to and from the car. I guess it's good that I've been busy with getting ready for the holidays because I haven't had time to miss gardening. I realized last night that I hadn't even looked at a garden magazine or book in over week, for me that's a long time. I know once Christmas is over though the countdown to Spring will be on. Every year on December 26th I start waiting for it to hurry up and be Spring.

These sad Pansies represent how the majority of my yard is looking now, the Carex 'Prairie Fire' in the center looks great though. I didn't even bother to look around the front yard since it doesn't see much sun during the Winter months. The Hellebores are still flat to the ground and no chance of them blooming early like I thought they might.

A frozen Water Hawthorn flower. You can see a fish that was resting under the ice nearby in the upper left corner.

I don't think the waterfall has ever been this frozen. The way the water runs through the ice is really pretty looking though and at least the fish are able to get some oxygen still.

My very little Meyer Lemon tree is by a sunny glass door now. It's gotten several flower buds on it since I brought it in. I've been reading up on citrus trees indoors and came across something I probably wouldn't have thought of on my own. I'll need to hand pollinate the flowers with a paintbrush since we don't have any bees inside to do the job for me. I've never overwintered a Lemon tree so I'll be doing lots of reading to make sure it survives inside.

I mentioned my very slow to sprout Amaryllis. It finally started to sprout a few days ago. I forgot to keep track of which bulb was which when I planted them so it'll just be a surprise when it opens.

Tootsie hosts Fertilizer Friday each week. Visit her to see what blooming other places around the world.
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  1. Oh hooray you started your Amaryllis late too. I didn't even show mine - it's a sprout behind yours. LOL
    Love the ice picture in your pond. It looks so pretty.
    Ya know the frozen waterfall I showed the other day? Well there's a bigger one down from it and I didn't take my camera the next time I went to town. Thought maybe I was pushing my luck and should probably drive with BOTH hands that time!!!

  2. Hi Catherine,

    I am with you....I can't wait for spring once the Christmas festivities are over. I am thinking of planting a few bare-root roses after Christmas.

  3. The waterfall looks cool...pun intended! LOL

    I had to hand pollinate my Tomatoes when I lived in Alaska. It's pretty easy.
    Good luck with your Lemon.

  4. I am SO like you about spring hurrying along after the festivities of Christmas are over. I think the holidays get me thru the first part of winter then I wait and wait for spring after that. At least the days will start getting longer soon. Your lemon blooms will be interesting to see. I've never grown one of those and hooray on the amaryllis sprout. It won't be long now before it's blooming!

  5. Hi Catherine

    You're really having some weather in the states.

    That's an interesting tip about the citrus. I've literally today put mine in a cool bright room as we're forecast a cold snap.

    Keep warm


  6. Yay for the Amaryllis! So cheerful. Best of luck with the Meyer - I think that is the one thing I miss the most about Sonoma, there were many places where Meyer lemons would just spill out over the sidewalk - oh for a bag of them now. I would make lemon bars and lemon curd! The paintbrush job sounds like fun. I have some pansies out by our mailbox that have the same defeated look as the pansies you showed... bummer! I wonder if they are just cut off, will they do better in the future when things thaw out? Cheers! Bonnie

  7. Catherine, your Water Hawthorn flower and waterfall photographs are stunning shots. Lovely! It amazes me how these little fish can survive the cold temps... not to mention your beautiful flower. Have fun with all your holiday preparations. Carol

  8. That's interesting about your lemon tree. I look forward to following along this Winter to see how it does. Maybe your backyard birds will help entertain you after the rush of the holidays is over. You sure have taken some awesome photos lately. Hope you and the family have a very nice weekend.

  9. Love the pond photo..My Amaryliss' are outside in the ground...I heard you can also use a cotton swab..sure I don't know. Would you please update us on what method you use and if it's hard to do????? We will not get out of the 40's today!

  10. Greetings,
    I'm a PNW gardener and blogger too and I'm making the best of the cold, although have many thoughts of spring as well. Looking forward to the Hellebores and the snowdrops blooming. I'm a little worried about the daphne and sarcococca, hope their buds aren't all frozen in this deep freeze we're having.
    Love your blog.

  11. You changed the header and I love it. I love the photo of the frozen pond waterfall. Stay warm.

  12. Yes, it's been quite chilly here for East Texas. More freezes this past week than we usually get in a month. I'm already wanting it over so I can look to spring also!

  13. Even tho it looks so cold I love the frozen pond waterfall. So pretty.

    My little pots of pansies looked just like your not long after I planted them. But it wasn't from the cold, no, it was from me forgetting to water them.

    I thought they are gone for sure. But a day or two after watering they looked fantastic! I couldn't believe it!

  14. Catherine, you must be just like me - a kid when it comes those springtime seed catalogs. It's just one of those rare joys - impossible for the uninitiated to comprehend.

    I'm glad about your Amaryllis.

  15. That ice photo is magical. It really reflects the light in all directions. Our amaryllis is doing well. I have always wanted a lemon tree, just for the fun of it.

  16. Oh so cold, Catherine, that frozen waterfall says it all. Gotta love those Carex, though, mine are also showing no damage at all. Good luck with the lemon, those flowers are so fragrant, worth it even if you don't get fruit.

  17. Your plants seem to be liking the indoors - good luck with them.

    Ps the waterfall photos is great.

  18. I really like the waterfall and have to say I am in love with the header on your blog - just beautiful

  19. Fantastic waterfall pic - I love it.
    Happy weekend :-)

  20. I love the frozen waterfall...it is like a sculpture! thanks for linking in today...it sure is sad to see our gardens to the freeze isn't it? have a great weekend...the count down is already on for this gardener...I'm so sick of cold already!

  21. Catherine, The header is wonderful...doesn't it make you smile each time you see it! It does me~~it's a wonderful reminder that spring is out there. I hope you show us how the hand pollinating. gail

  22. I know what you mean, Catherine. I really miss my garden, yet I don't want to go out there because it looks so awful and it's so cold. I love your pond waterfall.

  23. Good that you're busy with Christmas preparations, Catherine. I know it'd be painful to see those scenes, but congratulations on the Amaryllis. Hope to see it in bloom soon...

  24. Hey Catherine..that water Hawthorn flower is cool! Our amaryllis are at the same growing stage;) It's been soo cold here I haven't ventured out in the garden for days...
    Have a great weekend!

  25. I was thinking things still looked summery until I saw your ice so guess not.

    I have been so behind with having been away I must have missed some lovely posts.

  26. Love your amaryllis sprout picture... a good eye to appreciate simple and small things, it brings me lot of joy too!!!
    Maria Cecilia

  27. Some of the plants I brought inside are still adjusting after 2 months! I've got a few that are still dropping a lot of their leaves but are hanging in there. Hopefully soon they will pick back up. I've got one amaryllis that is growing slowly too and one that took off. They are right next each other on the window sill and I potted them at the same time. I would love to know what the difference is.


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