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Friday, August 7, 2009

Fertilizer Friday - August 7

It's Friday already again and time to visit Tootsie Time to enjoy all the flowers being flaunted this week.  If the weeks keep flying by like this, summer vacation will be over too soon.  We've still got company here, but I found a chance to sneak outside to take a few quick pictures of some flowers.

Dahlia 'Love Parade', I found a couple new dahlias getting ready to bloom too.

Hardy Fuchsia

Cosmos 'Bright Lights'

Lots of pink Phlox.

More white Oriental Lilies blooming.  For some reason I've got lots of white ones, I think I need to find more pink next year!

Ligularia dentata 'Othello' is bursting with these yellow/orange flowers.  The honeybees love them.

Water Lily 'Sioux' has started sending up lots more flowers.  She was on bit of a "break" during the really hot days.

Lavatera 'Bredon Springs' is the replacement for the 'Barnsley' that died this winter.  I think this one is pretty, but 'Barnsley' was bigger and faster growing.  I think I may have found some shoots of the previous lavatera coming up in a few places and if that's what they are I'm letting them take over.  These are great for almost the whole summer, covered in pretty pink flowers.  This one is supposed to get to 8 feet tall.
It's looking gray and cloudy this morning, I think rain is predicted.  The weather has been in the low 70's the last few days, my in-laws actually complained about how cold it is.  It's hard to imagine that last week it was almost 30 degrees warmer on some days.
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  1. Your photos are exquisite! Thanks for the colorful tour!--Randy

  2. Hi Catherine~~ I was in the store this morning and the clerk commented, "I wish the sun would come back." And I thought, bite your tongue missy! But I said, "It's cooler now but it does seem dark after all that bright sun." Personally I love it like this.

    Your pink phlox are absolutely delicious. As are the rest of the flowers. I cut my 'Othello' flowers off because I'm not into that color but I didn't realize I was cheating the bees. LOL.

    My 'Barnsley' lavatera reverted to pink several years ago. You know me, I love pink, but I really miss the pristine white with tiny bits of pink. It's interesting that yours didn't make it through our winter. I'll have to remember this if ever I find an empty patch of earth to grow it again.


  3. Wow! Just beautiful, Catherine! The first one makes me think of bubble gum I chewed as a kid! :)

  4. Can you send me some of that magnificent pink phlox? I have only one bloom and so love yours! The ligularia looks great too! I hope your company and you are having fun and not spending too much time blogging:)

  5. Pretty pictures Catherine. I am happy to hear your temps have cooled. Everything in your garden is just lovely. Enjoy the weekend.

  6. They look like they are surviving the heat just fine!

  7. I love, love your luscious phlox! Beautiful.

    Fabulous photogrpahs as ever,Catherine.

  8. Stargazers. That's the pink oriental lily you want. It's got a fragrance to die for.

  9. I miss Fuchsia. I had a plant just like yours 2 years ago.
    Sooo pretty.
    Summer is almost over ?
    NO, NO, say it isn't true !

  10. Catherine, the garden is looking great and, perhaps it is enjoying the break from the heat. It's simply amazing that you were able to get out into the garden and take photos while you still had guests. That's real dedication.

  11. WOW! Gorgeous! love the phlox!
    Happy FF!


  12. Lovely, lovely blooms Catherine! The phlox is lovely. Mine was eaten by a deer in July, but surprisingly, it developed new buds and staring to bloom! I have a question about your Ligularia - does it have sun or shade or ... Mine is blooming in the shade and looks pretty happy. I can see some sun on your pic. I'm just wondering how much sun it can tolerate.

  13. Catherine, the dahlia's colour is so delicate. All the pictures are so good.

  14. Love those pink phlox -- such abundance, they look like a gigantic bouquet!

  15. Thanks for visiting and your nice comments!

    Tina - I wish I could send you some phlox :) This group just gets larger every year.
    I'm being good about blogging, but they have gone out a couple of times so I check to see what everyone is up to :)

    Tatyana - My ligularia is in mostly shade, it does get a bit of early afternoon sun but that's about it. It really doesn't like how dry it's been, I've been watering it as much as I can.

  16. Ligularia in bloom always reminds me that we are getting closer to Fall and Winter. I don't mind Fall but don't like Winter. My ligularia looks like your's. It is blooming too. The bees here are still stuck on lavender.

  17. Great photos - I love your water lily ....can't wait until the tea house is built so that I can FINALLY put water lilies in my pond! :)

  18. What a lovely selection of pictures! I just love the scent of lillies.

  19. Hi Catherine, I need your advice. Believe it or not, I now find myself without a digital camera(!). And I'm obviously in the comparing mode. I've really enjoyed my Canon. However, I need something a little more "powerful." I so admire your photos - but I'm really a point-and-shoot person that enjoys just enough fiddling with modes to make it interesting.

    What camera do you use? And what do you think of Canon PowerShot SD890IS 10MP Digital Camera?

  20. Shady - I honestly don't know a whole lot about cameras, but I love my new one. It's a Canon PowerShot SX 10 IS and really easy to use. It's a point and shoot, but does have a 20x zoom too and quite a few options. My sister has a Canon PowerSot, a different model from mine and loves it. It might be the one you mention. It's fun getting a new one, and I can't wait to see what you get!


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