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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Northwest Flower and Garden Show - Part 2

Here is part 2 of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.  I've seen a few posts by other bloggers and have enjoyed seeing what they saw, showing things I missed and their take on the show.  So far it seems that everyone has loved it.  I know more garden bloggers will be attending over the next few days and I can't wait to see what you thought about it and your pictures.
Continuing on the "Once Upon a Time..." theme here are a few more gardens.  There are quite a few display gardens that aren't pictured in either post, as well as smaller displays, container gardens, orchids and bonsai displays.

"Rain, rain, go away...P.S. Come again!" by Artistic Garden Concepts and Van Zanten Landscapes is a formal rain garden.  The rain chains were made from colored bottles that feed into underground drainage systems that will fill up the pond area in the center as it rains.

One of the living arches.

"Alice in Wonderland" by Innovative Landscape Technologies was probably my kids favorite.  There was so much detail right down to the painted floors which led through the display.

The white rabbit in his fancy cage surrounded by Hyacinths.

The tea party scene.

The Queen of Hearts at the entrance to "Alice's Labyrinth" by Cedar Grove Composting.

"Stepping Through a Timeless, Tranquil Forest" by Kinssies Landscaping had huge trees and boulders that felt very much like the Northwest.  This was one of those displays where I wondered how in the world they got everything in and set up.  Really beautiful!

"Once Upon a Thyme" by Wight's Nursery

Another visitor told us these bags the strawberries are growing in are oat bags that are used to feed horses.

Toadstool table and stools were probably the Littlest Gardener's favorite thing in the whole show.  We had to go back to look at them a few times.

"Run Little Pigs, Run" by Susan Browne Landscape design was very fun with lots of creativity. This is the straw house, of course there was a house made of sticks and one of bricks as well.

The Big Bad Wolf's house was in the tree stump to the left.  You had to get down on your hands and knees to peer inside.

"The Frog Prince with 'greenstyle' " by WALP King County Chapter.

The kids play area with a theme of "Charlotte's Web" was so cute.  Lots of projects for kids to do.  All those galvanized containers will full of real vegetables for the kids to put in toy wheelbarrows and cart to different parts of the area.  On the weekend they will have live entertainment for the kids as well.

Of course we couldn't leave empty handed.  A few Daylilies that will be planted in the bed along the driveway.

 A stone bunny for the vegetable garden, a rooster stake made of recycled metal and my husband's new tool called a hoe-dag.  It reminds me of a mini pick-ax.

We ended up with a couple of inches of snow last night and we started painting our picket panel sections in the garage today.  My husband is still determined to get this project finished this weekend no matter what the weather.  We'll have only more weekend after this one to hopefully have it all wrapped up before his family arrives for a visit.  As of right now it's really snowing, hoping this is the last of it this winter.
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  1. Catherine - garden shows fuel the fire of "Spring Anxiety"! Where is it... and when's it getting here? Beautiful photos! Really cool landscape designers.

  2. A little glimpse of 'home' ... sniff-sniff! Beautiful share Catherine ... TYSM.

    It always amazes me how creative these people are in their presentations at these shows.

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  3. I like that spooky looking trees in the Tranquil Gardens display, and definitely would have looked at that Toadstool table and stool set many times myself!

  4. You got some excellent photos of the display gardens. I love that tree in the Timeless Forest display, and the goose girl statue. You got some great daylilies too, I have Pardon Me and love it. Love the stone rabbit too.

  5. So many delightfully magical scenes for the Litttlest Gardener to enjoy! Bet you'll be hearing about that adorable toadstool set a while longer yet (and perhaps even be tempted to get a similar set for your garden, where it would fit right in?)

    Also loved the tree in the forest display and the living arch! Some wonderful ideas :)

  6. I'm with the Littlest Gardener on those toadstools. They are very neat! I enjoy your posts on the flower shows out there each year. It is a neat to see all the creativity.

  7. I love how creative the garden show was! I totally love the strawberries growing in the oat bags. Such a nice idea.

  8. This show looks like so much fun for the young set and the young at heart! I love the toadstool table and chairs, and everything else you have shown us. That old tree in the forest is amazing. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  9. Stone bunnies in the garden sure beat the real ones nibbling away.

    I'm with the Littlest Gardener, the toadstool table and stools are fabulous.

    "Once Upon a Thyme" was one of my favorite gardens.....they were all my favorites actually.

    Best of luck in finishing up the fence project. I don't think you need luck, but I'm wishing it anyway.


  10. I have enjoyed both of these posts Catherine, thanks for taking us along. My mind is turning now after seeing the living arch..hmmm

  11. I love going to big garden shows, wandering around smelling all the flowers and buying garden decor is heavenly. Hope you had a wonderful time, the pictures are fantastic.

  12. What a fun and beautiful garden show. I love all of the Alice in Wonderland scenes. That living tree arch makes ones brain work in how to make one of their own. I wish I was rich, that lady with the geese would be in my yard.LOL! And your brought home goodies too. The rooster is so fun and I love the bunny.I hope our show is as good.I cannot believe that blogger stole all of your postings! Are you honored or mad? LOL!

  13. I went to the show today for the first time ever. You inspired me by your photos in your previous post! I took my 5 year old. It was overwhelming.

    My only complaint was that the kids had to find 20 (I think) piggy banks to find the prize. No young child could stay at the show that long! We were there for 90 minutes and found 12 (and many were hard).

  14. Absolutely love your photo of the 'stepping through a timeless, tranquil forest'.
    Hope the snow stops, spring is on the doorstep, and the painting project is successfully completed before Oscar-time.
    Thanks for sharing all the great garden show photos, especially for those of us who couldn't attend.

  15. You are so lucky to have such a phenomenal show. I can't even imagine how long it takes to set everything up??? What a treat to view. I think I should plan a trip there some year at this time so I could see one in person. Our garden show is lame in comparison.
    Like everyone else, I love that twisted, spooky tree too. Amazing!

  16. ps What a bummer that someone is stealing your posts. I don't have any suggestions but I hope you can figure out how to stop it.

  17. Thank you for sharing your Garden show pics. I always look forward to everybody's Show pics. The professional Show photographer takes in a general view. You show what I would have stopped to see.

  18. Thank you so very much for sharing all these pictures from the show. We weren't able to go, sniff sniff, so I've looked at your couple posts a few times. I love the living arche!

  19. Thanks for sharing the photos. It looks like a wonderful show. I love those toadstool tables and chairs :-)

  20. wish I could have made it to the show. Thanks for sharing the photos.


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