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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fresh greens.

One color that there is always a lot of here is green.  From the green of the large evergreens around us down to the soggy green moss that seems to be carpeting everything.  If the forecasters are correct in predicting a "snow event" in the next few days the green will once again be covered with snow.  I've hardly had a chance to enjoy seeing what's growing since the snow melted and now it may be covered again.  I was pretty excited when I went outside yesterday to see all the activity that's been taking place in the garden.  There are bulbs beginning to sprout and the flowerbuds on the Flowering Currants are swelling.  Green was everywhere, and not just the usual evergreens, but fresh new green that reminded me that spring will eventually be here.

Almost all of the Hellebores have flowers coming up.

Daffodils, Bluebells and Crocuses are making their way through the soil.

Every year I'm surprised at how early the Pulmonarias have buds on them.  I love this plant, it blooms early and stays in bloom for a long time.  It also reseeds giving me new plants to spread around.

The Flowering Currant 'King Edward VII' which was new last year has lots of buds on it.  In front there is Epimedium and Hellebore.

Acorus has been a great evergreen addition to the front entry garden.

Moss and lichen are flourishing on the old wood fence.  This poor fence is in need of being replaced, but I love how the old wood looks decorated this way.

Green Man looks sleepy while waiting for spring.  (I'm hoping to have this gate painted purple someday.)

Lamium in the shed garden adds color and texture with it's fuzzy leaves.

If we don't get snow this week I'm hoping to start my first round of winter sowing.  Then I'll be watching those containers for the fresh green of new seedlings.  I can't wait!
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  1. Hi Catherine! Love all the green and the growth in your garden. We are expecting sleet/snow in GA for the next few days also. Love your photos tonight and they make me so anxious for Spring! I sent Cookie an ecard for tomorrow!!!!!

  2. Catherine, how exciting! It seems like another world to me right now with snow expected again this week. The temps have not been terrible, 20's, so I have hope that we will warm up soon.


  3. Hi Catherine, so glad you got outside to enjoy the precipitation free afternoon :) It's amazing, all the green and bulbs popping up. I love your green man and I think he'd look smashing with a purple backdrop!

  4. Catherine,

    Wow those hellebores are on track the bloom soon! We have helleborus niger blooming nothing else is showing buds. We also have daffodils poking out also. Nice to see so much green there!

  5. Dear Catherine, It is so amazing for me to see so much green and buds no less in your garden since it is still very much winter here. 12 degrees F. tonight 7 tomorrow. We have all of three months of winter left. I can visit spring early by coming to your garden. It is exciting to see all the new buds and growth. I love your Green man too. ;>)

  6. Wow, you are already seeing buds of crocuses, daffodils and such? Amazing. Ours are utterly and completely buried underneath mounds of snow. I long to see "green" again, but I am thankful for this respite from gardening. It makes me more appreciative of it again each spring. Have a great day!

  7. We're supposed to get snow by Wednesday, but right now it's just very cold. It looks like you're a little ahead of us in your neighbourhood.

  8. Hello Catherine!

    Thank you so much for visiting me today. It always warms my heart to know you've been.

    At this time of the year, my garden is mostly green - this, mainly due to the fact that we have so much shade, but this is essential in our climate for the summer months! I wish I could grow all the varieties you do...and have the success you have with them all!!!

    I cannot WAIT to share in all the beauty and colour you'll have come spring! All the new growth looks so, so promising.

    I am green with envy for your moss and lichen decorated fence!!! It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I love that it's aged and so full of glorious character. It would be a treasure in my garden :)

    You are always so inspiring Catherine - your love of plants and your own gorgeous garden (in ALL seasons!), your enthusiasm with planning what you'll be up to next...I really LOVE that about you!


    Des xo

  9. So many beautiful greens in your garden - with hellebores blooming soon. Here, in Connecticut, carex 'Ice Dance' and acorus soldier on, but the rest is but a memory. I love the patina on your old fence.

  10. It's always such a treat to see fresh green growth sprouting from the old.

    Love the terrarium in your previous post too - is beautiful even before it's planted :D

  11. The moss on the wooden fence looks so friendly!

  12. Green Man does look very sleepy. You do have a lot of green in your garden at this time of the year. Mine is white once again and with a winter storm coming in it looks like it will stay that way.Your hellebores are going to bloom soon.

  13. Hi SweetPea! Thank you so much for the comments you have been leaving. I hope you and Mommy have fun when you attend your own Garden Show. You can get some wonderful ideas for your garden bed.I saw you have been enjoying the snow with sissy. Maybe you will have some more soon for some more snowball fights and snowmen. If you were here you would have all of the snow you needed.Too bad I cannot send you some snow. :-) Have a fun week!

  14. It's so nice to see all the green in your garden. I've noticed bulbs coming up too...daffodils, iris (don't think those ever really go dormant here) tulips, alliums...and lots of the perennials. Seems so early, but I'm not complaining...as long as they don't get their little tops frozen off!

  15. Love the mossy wood - I can see why you are reluctant to replace it!

    We had a break between snows and it was such a treat to see all the green.

  16. You can't help but be optimistic when you see signs of daffodils and crocus pushing through the soil. Our daffodils are just popping up, but most our green at the moment is moss and lichen!

  17. Catherine, It boggles my mind to see all these signs of spring in your garden in January! It's amazing how different the climate in the northwest corner of the country is from the climate in the northeast corner (despite the fact that you are actually further north than I am). -Jean

  18. Your climate continues to amaze me. I would have thought you would have some form of winter with snow and cold. We are building drifts right now and will now have to take pictures to share.

  19. So envious! Your garden is way ahead of mine. The hellebore buds are full of promise. I still remember your lovely hellebore plants from last year. Can't wait to see them again.

  20. Your zone 8a, versus our 5b/6a is far more advanced when it comes to spring. No signs of green here, it's all hiding under the snow. Although I found one little green plant out there today before the snow came back. I'm trying to figure out how to make a blog post out of one little plant! I've got nothing to write about these days.

  21. Catherine!! Wow wow wow!! Your Greenman looks absolutely stunning..gorgeous!! we have the same one..mine has lost the color...yours looks wonderfully alive.so peaceful and serene..and yes oh my..if you paint the backdrop purple..that will just be so Enchanting...YAY! thanks for letting me know about this beautiful post..your garden is so lcuk and amazing..it is one fo y faves to visit online! Enjoy your new greenman..so happy you found one that stole your heart..I know how you feel!
    Happiest new year and happy gardening always friend!

  22. Oh, I look forward to seeing your Hellebores every year! Maybe this will finally be the year I'll get some planted- now that I live in a colder area, they'll be much appreciated since they bloom so early! I do miss the moss I had growing on rocks in Portland- we have very different moss- and very little here in Redmond.

    Happy gardening to you, Catherine.



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