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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The October pond.

Do you ever have one of those days where it feels as if a load has been lifted from you?  Today has been one of those days for me.  I'm not sure if it's that we got a big (and kinda boring) house project done (by someone else for once) or that the sun was out.  The Littlest Gardener and I were mostly stuck inside today while the workers were here but we decided to walk around the pond and see how it was looking.  The sun was shining and it even felt warm out, a perfect fall day.  I noticed more flowers reblooming that I hadn't seen the last time I was outside.  Maybe not getting everything cut back awhile ago paid off. 

 For late afternoon the lighting on the pond was so pretty.  The fish were very active today compared to the last few times I've been out.  I saw that both the Water Hawthorn and a Water Lily have buds.

 Geranium 'Rozanne' is still blooming.  It sure has lived up to it's reputation this year.  I added one more to the front yard I was so impressed.  More will definitely be planted next year.

 Japanese Anemones surprised me again this year, mostly because I keep yanking them all out.  A few sneak past me every year.  I do love these flowers, but boy do they take over an area - spreading through everything in it's path.  I don't know if I'd plant these again.

 American Beautyberry 'Profusion' has purple berries!  I planted this just about a year ago and hoped that where it was planted it would get enough sun to produce berries.  Looks like it does.

And one more shot from the other side of the pond.  I love how the Heuchera 'Marmalade' and the Japanese Blood Grass look by each other.

The forecast for the weekend looks pretty good and I'm so hoping I'll get to spend some quality time with my garden.  
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  1. The pond and the berries look great. Are those berries edible?

  2. I have recently discovered your sumptuous blog...love the colours of those anenomes....mine are a pale pale pink and "pale by comparison"...
    your garden looks so interesting and the pons plants are stellar!
    I am north of ythe US border so our location must be the same "zone" for growing.
    I look forward to seeing more of your garden.

    BTW we have resident hummingbirds here all year long that we feed...we bring the feeder in when it freezes at last light and put it out before first light!

  3. C'est magnifique !

    I'm so glad you are back on line. Gardening is one of my favorite "occupations." I gardened at my friends' in Berkeley and I will go back to California to take care of their garden as soon as the weather allows me to do that (probably around March).

  4. Catherine, I thought this was Abraham Lincoln's blog. That is why I wrote the first sentence of my previous post.

    Anyway your blog is really magnificent.

  5. Dear Catherine, I love the backlit Japanese Blood Grass, and it so perfectly reflects the mood of the season.
    Oh, how I adore Japanese Anemones and cannot bear to think of them being cast aside. They look so elegant at this time of the year, but then I grow white forms and they are not so vigorous.

  6. Your garden looks wonderful in October.......i like what i see!! happy day darling....love Ria....

  7. Your garden is so pretty and peaceful!


  8. Whata nice job you have done with the pond. It is beautiful. I'm trying to convince my husband that we need one..maybe after seeing yours he'll be convinced.

  9. You have a beautiful pond! I'd spend all day beside it!

  10. Catherine ~ I always love seeing your pond and surrounding gardens. Lovely any time of year. I just love you Geranium 'Rozanne' and also the pink anemone that spreads like crazy.

    Hope you continue to have some lovely weather to work out in your gardens.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  11. So pretty Catherine. I wish I had a pond like yours to enjoy.

  12. You are ripping out the anemones and mine all died! Hopefully next year will be a much better year your pink one is beautiful.

  13. The American Beautyberry 'Profusion' is so pretty. Your pond looks lovely as usual. Glad the weather is being good for you and you're enjoying the garden.

  14. You are so fortunate to enjoy a long season. There is lots of interest around your pond still, which is so beautifully planted. I really appreciate the long blooming time of Rozanne. It is still flowering in my garden after some frost. Your Japanese anemones are so very pretty, so it's hard to imagine them being annoying enough to rip out.

  15. I bought a beauty berry plant last week, and it said to put it in shade. Of course we have a pretty hot climate here. Your pond looks magnificent.

  16. Wonderful garden! Beautiful colors. Enjoy the cool weather!

  17. I love your 'fall' pond! The grasses are beautiful as well as the new blooms. I am now 'pondering' the idea of building a pond.

  18. That pond is looking so nice and love the blue sky reflection you captured. The grasses look good together and nice around the pond. Pretty blooms. Hope your day is better.

  19. I love how your pond looks lovely in all of the seasons. Your fuchsia still looks so pretty. I know what you mean about the anemones. Just this year my Charlotte anemone spread like wildfire. I pulled up so much and moved other to the woodland bed where they could go crazy if they want to. My others are newer so I do not know whether they will do the same or not.
    Have a wonderful week Catherine.

  20. Your pond looks wonderful. I wish we had room for a pond, but I think that the utility easements would make it difficult to put one where I would want it.

  21. This makes me want to go and dig a hole for a pond right now! It's dark so that might be hard but... anyway, your pond is adorable!

  22. Your "minor" health issue doesn't sound minor to me. Glad you're on the other side of it!

    Your pond area throbs with beauty! You definitely have more color left than we do! (Well, the leaves are wonderful - but may be gone after the rain of last night....) Only my sedum and mums continue their burgundy show.

    I have a little fushia-envy going on here...wonder if they would "work" for me? Your grasses always catch my eye, too.

  23. Hi Catherine... I had a little time away from my homework today, so I thought I stop by to say hello!

    I miss chatting with you guys!

    " Yes I have heard rumors of gloom and doom about this years winter weather.

    I hope what is rumored will never become the case! Winter is not my favorite time of year..

    It's nice to still have a few flowers to view while we anticipate winter.

    I like the chocolate Joe Pie-weed, Lin aria and rose Abraham Darby. My Cactus Zinnia are still in bloom as well"

    I see that your little gardener has done a wonderful job at pollinating that lemon tree,how cool is that!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Beuatiful Pictures! I absolutely adore the light in Autumn - it's much warmer, almost than summer. Less harsh. I'm heeding your warning about the anemones. My mum has some to give to me, so I need to find a patch of garden then needs taking over!

  25. I would love to sit in your beautiful garden and soak in all the beautiful plants in it.


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