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Monday, August 19, 2013


Neglected, that's how a lot of things have gotten over this summer.  My garden being one and my blog has been getting more and more neglected too.
Family things going on, as well as kid activities have given me very little time to be out and take care of the garden.  What free time I've had has been spent on watering.  It has been an unusually dry and warm summer.  I'm not complaining and neither are the tomatoes though!
I thought I would give the blog a little attention today with some of what the garden looks like right now.  Luckily weeds are smaller than the plants, although there are many, many of them.  There are wilted things and crispy things, but luckily for the most part neglect hasn't bothered the garden too much.

 The pond was refilled yesterday so it looks nice right now.

 With the pine tree now gone the plants in the garden and on the deck have gone crazy!

 The arbor has filled out more, with three different types of Clematis and a climbing rose it should be!

 Lots more sunny perennials have been added to the backyard.  They have attracted more bees, butterflies and birds than ever.

 A new Aster.

 The sun is very bright which makes the colors very washed out, but believe me there is a lot of bright color.

 With full sun here now the window boxes are overflowing.

 Lots more sun has made everything explode (and I also credit all the chicken manure from the coop that I spread here last fall).

 Sadly the neglect and lack of water has caused my Flowering Currant to completely dry up.  It didn't seem to matter how much I tried to water, it's still crisp.  I do think I see a bit of green though where new leaves might be trying to grow.

 The blueberries, raspberries and figs are having a very productive summer.  They have really been neglected and luckily don't need too much water.

The chickens are doing great.  You can see the three new ones here that we got as chicks in April.  They all three are laying eggs now.

 Containers on the back deck.

 There's a wagon under those flowers!

 We've seen so many more butterflies than usual this summer.

 Lots of pears getting ready to be picked.

 One of the raised vegetable beds.  We've had tomatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, garlic, chard and Kale already.

Spinach, squash, basil, blueberries and even eggplants!

 Lots of color!

 From the street.

The driveway bed.  It has gotten actually more attention than usual because it's getting some water.  I get very lazy dragging hoses around even in an uneventful summer, but this year I'm making sure that this part doesn't get ignored.

 This baby wren is from mid-July.  It's the first time we've ever seen the babies leave their next.  We had several birdhouses that hosted not one, but two different families this year which is very unusual.

Maybe once the girls start school in September the blog won't be so neglected?  Maybe I'll have more time to spend in the garden?  Well, one thing I've learned this summer is that the garden will go on despite the neglect it's gotten which has been something that makes me happy.  Nothing like a tough day when I can still look out the window and see flowers and birds and butterflies still going on without any help from me.  Another gift from the garden.  It doesn't need me, I need it.

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  1. Congratulations, the garden looks beautiful and full of life. Best regards

  2. I leave you the link if you want to visit my blog about orchids. Best regards

  3. WOW Catherine your gardens don't look neglected at all to me. They look fantastic, very cottagey!

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  4. Hi Catherine, You sound like me last summer. I was so busy and the garden was last on my priority list. Fortunately things change and this year it's been better. Although the water bill is going to put us in the poor house.

    Also, if it's any consolation, I've killed 3 flowering current bushes. Finally I've got one that is about 4 inches tall in a pot. As much as I love those early spring blossoms, I just can't keep the bush alive. I love that first photo of your ginormous hardy fuchsia cascading into the water. Looks like it belongs in a magazine!

    Your garden, your chickens, your baby wren and the rusty trellis, total eye candy. Thanks for the visit. Take care.

  5. Your gardens are great. They wear neglect well! I am amazed at how much you have blooming! Much of mine is waning......Love the Gaura!

  6. You garden certainly doesn't look neglected. Maybe a little exuberant since it's not being pruned back as much. It all looks great though. Nice to hear from you again. Write when you can.

  7. Wow, your place is looking full and lush to me! How exciting to have chickens and pears! I haven't been able to garden as much as I want to, either. I am hoping since I am substituting as a paraeducator this year, that things will settle down a bit, and I'll have the energy to be out there. Until the end of November, I can only do it a day or two a week, except for this week, though, because I messed up and am working 3.

  8. Oh, it is very easy to understand neglect! Your garden always looks wonderful but it is not always easy to take the pictures and write the blog. I am very much feeling this and struggle to keep up with posting.


  9. What a bummer about your flowering currant. Mine are the most drought-tolerant shrubs I have. Hopefully yours isn't dead, maybe it will respond when the rain comes back. I'm so glad you're getting so much good food from those raised beds. I love growing my own food. Good to see you posting again.

  10. Looks beautiful to me! Been wondering where you've been. I understand that feeling of neglect though, since right now I'm finally editing my garden again after two down years and I have to say that uncovering, and rediscovering, the bones has been quite eye-opening. My garden has matured a lot and I guess in the past 2 years so have I. We all grow together, and yes, your garden needs you just as much as you need it. Take care!

  11. I LIKE the look of neglect - at least how it looks in YOUR yard/garden :)

    The result is a lot like life - full & colorful. Chaotic at times but with its own personal and persistent beauty.

  12. I have had some time to garden this summer but I still feel the garden looks neglected but then we are our own worst critics. I was really pleased to see you had posted as I do enjoy looking around your garden.

    I have a small prunus and we had a very hot, for us, and dry spell and it all went brown despite having been planted some 5 years ago. There is now new green leaves appearing so dont despair with your flowering currant


  13. So true, we need the garden more then it needs us. And yours looks stunning, so lush and colourful. It would be perfect to side on the deck and watch the world go by it you had time :)

  14. What a riot of summer colour! It seems your garden has thrived, mostly, on the neglect. What a wonderful place. I hope you find time soon enough to sit back and enjoy before the weather turns!

  15. Your garden is so lush and full, maybe neglect is a good thing! I love your window boxes, I have been having trouble with mine this year.


  16. I cannot believe the transformation along the back now that the tree is gone. Wow! Massive color! Catherine, it all looks perfectly summer. It's beautiful. The years of work you have spent laying the foundation of these gardens is showcased so mightily in all of the photos. Bravo!

  17. Life can sure take up all our time...I adore the picture of the front garden from the street....and all those veggies....lots of flowers to add to the delight...no butterflies here but happy to hear they are somewhere...it was cold and wet in spring and wet for half the summer which s one reason we did not see many.

  18. Wow, I am glad that I was able to catch this. I had a tough summer so am spending time looking back at blogs. You garden still looks great. All the basics are going to come back again in spring and you will still look great. Love all the flowers. Take care.

  19. What a beautiful garden, lovely collection of flowers :)
    Greetings, http://kolorywogrodzie.blog.onet.pl

  20. Well if that's considered "neglected" I'd love to see a garden you consider tended lol. It's beautiful and doesn't look in the least bit weedy. I know photos can be deceptive but still.........it really looks wonderful and peaceful.
    I do hope your currant survives :)

  21. Oh I love your garden and you have chickens!
    It has a sense of wonder and gypsiness and wabi sabi
    and oh so lush ...despite the weather
    But I hear you about burnout
    I too have been a bad garden wench this summer and a tired blogger
    Everything I have to say would be boring to others
    but you have inspired me to jump in and begin again
    thanks for the visit

  22. I love seeing your gardens and landscaping. Love how your whole yard is gardens, flowers, pond, fruit trees and even chickens.

  23. I love your summer garden photos!!! I'm looking forward to following you on reader.

  24. What a wonderful and wild explosion of color your gardens are! I 'subscribe' to the same wild look in mine. Happy fall!

  25. I knew I missed your posting, glad I went back to see. You have so much color and interest in your yard, it is amazing. Truly inspiring.... not neglected!

  26. The garden looks beautiful to see all that is blooming in your gardens, and read about your plans, etc. Gardening is definitely wonderful therapy.

  27. It's a very beautiful garden and garden pic. flowers and the arbor has filled out more, with three different types of Clematis and a climbing rose it should be!


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