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Monday, March 26, 2012

It's only just begun...

 What a week it was around here last week.  It was very full of field trips (one for each girl on the same day and I drove on both!), a school choir concert, sports and ballet and my husband's surgery.  I knew there would be no time outside during that week and since the weather wasn't that great I didn't miss much.  My husband did amazingly well with his surgery and while he rested and recuperated over the weekend I played out in the sunny yard.  Saturday I spend working in the front yard and Sunday was spent around the pond.

 I scooped and scooped out the pond, cleaned the filter, trimmed the plants and cleaned off the waterfall.  It looks so much better.  Unfortunately this is string algae's favorite time of year and it has just taken off.  I spend much of the spring scooping it out of the pond.  I just love that our neighbors Forsythia is right where we can enjoy it.  The gold Mock Orange's leaves and daffodils pop with it in the background.

 Marsh marigold has been blooming for weeks, but now that the pot has been cleaned up the flowers can actually be seen.

 I put the pond floats back in.  The one in the middle is new this year, I bought it at the Flower and Garden show.

 This may not look like much now, but I spent a long time getting the purple oxalis up from next to the edgers.  I also cut the dead branches off the Daphne 'Summer Ice' and transplanted an offshoot from it.  It isn't variegated but otherwise looks the same.  Those Violas have been blooming almost all winter.

 Cleaned up the edges here too.  I love how the shed garden looks in spring, lots more to come here too.

 You can see this Ribes sanguineum 'Kind Edward VII' in the previous picture to the right.  This one has grown so quickly.

 Okay, so I lied when I said I got nothing down outside last week.  I added a long shelf in the shed and made a shorter one on top of the two clay pots.  I've been having fun "decorating" and organizing.  One day I'd love to paint it white inside.

 A view out of the shed.

 The path garden is starting to fill in.  I'd like to focus on this area this year.  I'm trying to convince my husband to remove the deck, so far he has agreed to taking off the far half.  I would prefer a stone patio and no deck at all.  But I guess he should have some say in how our garden looks.

 At the end of last summer I pulled up a currant bush that looked horrible and moved the Winter Hazel and Bleeding Heart to new places here.  I was wondering how the Winter Hazel would do this spring and it seems to be blooming better than it ever has.

 Winter Hazel (Corylopsis) 'Buttercup' has the most delicate butter yellow flowers.

 The Littlest Gardener is thrilled to see Grape Hyacinths popping up.  This is one flower I allow her to pick all she wants.  We seem to have them coming up everywhere and they look so cute in spring bouquets.

 One of the few Daffodils that returned.  Other than Tete-a-tetes I give up on Daffodils.  They either send up only foliage or the squirrels take them.

So, the spring flower show has begun along with a little bit of warmer temperatures.  I'm really excited to see the changes that seem to happen overnight this time of year.
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  1. The results of all your hard work are obvious... your gardens look great! Larry

  2. Wasn't the weekend weather great? Glad it is going to rain during the week so I can give my body a break after digging and gardening for over 10 hours over the weekend! That's what happens when we only have 2 days of sunshine in the midst of weeks of rain, but I can hardly move today.

    1. I'm feeling the same way Pauline! Hope you're body's recovered by the time the sun returns.

  3. Always a treat to see what is going on in your gardens. I think it all looks lovely this spring.

    Hope your DH heals swiftly.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Love being out in the garden on a spring day. Yours is really coming to life. I kind of like the deck, having a different level adds interest.

  5. Your garden is looking so good, all your hard work paid off!

  6. Catherine,
    Your garden looks wonderful. You really did a lot cleaning everything. So many great plants already showing off and I love those pond floats. I think an odd number looks good out there. The shed is too cute! Enjoy all your hard work. The garden is going to be spectacular for you this year, I can feel it.

  7. Catherine, your gardens are breathtaking! Looks like you have been working very hard! I love your potting shed, how cute! I am enjoying seeing new things in my garden as well, things do really pop up overnight! Morning strolls are glorious! Happy Gardening!

  8. The garden looks great! I love your neighbor's Forsythia! It is so nice that you get such a pretty background for your garden.

  9. Your garden is looking so pretty and tidy for the upcoming season! I am loving your 'Buttercup' Witch Hazel! Hope your husband recovers quickly and that things get more relaxed!

  10. What a bright happy spot your pond is! I like your quiet path garden as well. Things are growing well for you!

  11. You were busy! Everything looks very tidy and trim. I loved getting a peek inside your shed. I can see that it's a special place for you to dream of flowers and admire your lovely gardens. Cheers, Jenni

  12. Your gardens are looking very spring-like. Everything will be so thick, green and lush in no time. Sometimes I wish the husband's didn't have a say on how the garden looks, just be the muscle, lol. I have a link to you on my post today and a little message.

  13. Your garden really is so pretty and I especially love your shed and little bird box! Every day in Spring seems to bring new growth and it's so lovely to go out and find this.

  14. It nice to spend time having a good tidy up especially when you werent expecting to have much time. All looking lovely

  15. How wonderful all that gardening...I had one day and got half the yard cleaned up..then the weather turned and it went down to 20 at night...couple more nights in the 20s and I think we will be back to normal weather..hopefully !!

  16. You are so busy gardening and accomplished quite a bit. It is looking really good too. I think I need to get outside and get a few things done.

  17. You've put me to shame! I spent the weekend outside too, but I didn't get nearly as much done as you did. Everything is looking great in your garden.

  18. Thanks for the lovely spring garden show... I'm trying to play catch up with everyone...I'm still here I've just been tied up.

  19. You have been very busy, and everything is looking so nice.

  20. The Ribes sanguineum and Grape hyacinth are very interesting plants. I wish I can cultivate some of this in my garden. I don't think we have such plants in my part of the world.

  21. It all looks so 'fresh', Catherine. I just love this time of year...everything is that bright, new green and each day is filled with surprises. Every area looks just lovely!


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