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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not ready yet.

A few days ago I would've sworn I could feel the beginnings of fall in the air.  The cooler evenings (not that we've really had any warm evenings this summer), getting darker earlier (that always makes me sad) and the Ponderosa Pine needles dropping all over the deck (my least favorite thing to clean up).  But the weather has decided that it's finally summer and it's been quite warm.  Over the weekend we finally hit the high 80's and aside from some rain and lower temps a couple of days ago it's been up the 80's and predicted to stay that way through the weekend.  During the month of August I'm typically sick of dragging hoses around and start letting most plants fend for themselves.  This year I barely had to water at all until August, making me less annoyed with watering and now wanting me to keep summer going as long as possible.  I'm not ready to let the plants fend for themselves, in fact I'm making it my duty to protect them from the heat.  I'm not ready for summer to end, it's just arrived in this part of the country.

It's hard to believe that Violas are still blooming in August.  Most flowers started blooming late, and many have been hanging on for months.  One that I really can't believe is still going are the Sweet Peas, they've usually all been pulled up a month ago.

A cute new addition to the garden this year is Tennessee Coneflower (Echinacea tennesseensis).

Another new Coneflower is 'Milkshake'.

Agastaches have become a real favorite over the last couple of years.  This yellow one is 'Summer Glow'.

Aster 'Monch' was finally moved from it's old spot of part sun to full sun and loves it.  Time to move the other one out front too now.

Some of my absolute favorite flowers here.  Rudbeckia 'Cherry Brandy', Agastache 'Apricot Sunrise' and Monarda 'Raspberry Wine'.

New in the garden this spring was Erysimum 'Apricot Twist'.  It was in bloom when I bought in April and said on the tag it would bloom through May.  Well, it hasn't stopped blooming since April and shows no signs of stopping.  It also has a delicious scent.

I have it planted near Daylily 'Strawberry Candy' and they look beautiful together.  This picture isn't the best, but hopefully you get the idea.

I know probably most of the country is ready for signs of fall, but I'm just not ready yet!
All of you in the way of Hurricane Irene I hope you stay safe and it passes by quickly without damage or injury.
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  1. What a strange summer it has been! Your plants all look so good, but I love that Monarda, Rudbeckia and Agastache planted together. Hmmm....maybe I need to get some more Agastache, the only one I have is Tutti-Frutti.

    I still have one little Primrose blooming, isn't that weird?

  2. I am having such mixed feelings about autumn too! I think I might fall into it kicking and screaming but I should be ready to embrace it. Usually it's my favorite season but not this year!

  3. I'm not ready for fall yet either, but it's because we've had no summer at all. I'm like a broken record with that complaint!

  4. Very beautiful colors you got there. The violet colored ones in you post before this, however is my favorite!

  5. Catherine, again, your variety of flowers makes my jaw drop! So much color in your garden still, puts my yard to shame ;-)! I can completely understand that you are not ready for fall, yet. Here in San Diego autumn is also in the air. The days start very foggy and it gets cool early in the evening, but in the daytime it is still pretty hot. Lovely time in my area right now!

  6. August is now when summer starts it seems like! The Erysimum is a stunner, I like that its continued its flowering all summer.
    Love all coneflowers and rudbeckias, I can't seem to kill them while agastache I can't keep alive, yours are beautiful.

  7. Love the photos of your 'Monch' and Erysimum. I have 'Monch' this year and it is doing well. I had the same Erysimum last year and it too bloomed forever but did not make it through the winter even though it said it was hardy enough. I'll just have to enjoy yours! Your plants look so lush and fresh, summer can't end yet!

  8. I love all your flowers, but am particularly in love with your Agastaches. I am working on a border just outside my kitchen window and have several varieties I put there---best move I made, as the hummers spend quite a bit of time out there with them. What a sight--makes me forget all about washing dishes!

  9. Gorgeous photos and I also think we may be heading for an early end to summer. I have been sweeping leaves now for a month already, probably caused by the very dry April we had here.

    Erysimums are absolutely lovely. Although not long lived, they flower here from Feb/March to first frost, unbeatable.

    Happy gardening

  10. You have an eye for combining your flowers, they look great. I am ready for a slight cool down myself....we have been tired of dragging the garden hoses around.

  11. I'm ready for fall because unlike you we've been bone dry and in the 90s for months it seems. Sigh. I could deal with the summer if we ever had rain. Your garden is so lush with all the rain you've had. Lucky you! Maybe summer will stick around for a bit in your area. Here, my old farmer neighbor says we are going to have an early fall-and I am so ready:)

  12. I like that agastache you have there! I wish we would reach the high 80's. 95 and no rain is no fun in the garden!

  13. I love your flowers, they look wonderful!! and very happy with the rain. The color combinations are beautiful.

  14. Ahhh, Agastache and asters, two of my favorite garden dwellers.

    You're so much more adventuresome than I am...all these new cultivars.

    Loved this,


  15. Hi Catherine, I'm not a huge fan of orange but there is something about this Erysimum that really trips my trigger. I saw it in bloom on the garden tour in June and it really wowed me. Your photo is equally captivating. Your Aster looks as fresh as spring. Don't you just love how each plant has its own internal time clock?

    I hear ya. I'm not ready for fall yet either.

  16. We have had the opposite weather. Not desperately warm but no rain and I am really fed up of watering and having to use mains water which we pay for.

    I like that pale yellow Agastache

  17. How I wish you could come and garden for me! You transform your bare winter garden into a magical space bursting with blooms in every hue and do it, successfully, year after year! No matter how hard I try, I never have a garden so full of flowers as yours. It's beautiful, Catherine! So glad youre getting to enjoy it a little longer this year :)

  18. I'm glad summer has finally come to your part of the country Catherine. It sure took a long time. Hopefully it will stay awhile ~ you deserve some nice warm weather. I am never ready for summer to end either no matter how hot it's been. People around here are wishing for fall but not me even tho it was 99 degrees today!
    Your flowers sure look happy. I bought 'Summer glow' Agastache this year too but it's not hardy to this zone. Yours will probably come back?? I can only hope it seeds around, I think it's so pretty.
    Love the photo of your favorite flowers ~ lots of good ones there. Enjoy the rest of summer too.

  19. It takes a full summer to get things going and then....fall. Bah humbug:( Enjoy it all while you can. But fall has a lot of charm:) It's one of my favorite seasons. I feel your pain.

  20. Lucky YOu to have such a wonderful summer filled with plenty of rain. Hot, dry and humid here in GA. Grrrrr. I added apricot Twist also but mine looks nothing like your beauty!!! Wow...

  21. Catherine, Your garden looks so fresh and happy! Things that are blooming in your garden such as the coneflowers, liatris, and daylilies are long gone in mine...well, the echinacea are still there, going to seed and enticing the goldfinches, which we do enjoy. Love your asters and agastache and that very first photo you showed is a stunner!
    Blessings, Beth

  22. I'm so envious of all your wonderful blooming flowers Catherine. I've hardly got anything blooming in my garden now. Although with our heat and drought, I'm just so happy things aren't dead, I'll put up with no blooms.

  23. I was just thinking today that while the middle of the country is dealing with a horrendous drought, you've had such a cool, rainy summer. I love your wallflower. I really wanted to add some to my garden but just don't have any more sunny, moist spots to stick them in. Your garden looks great!

  24. Love the combos of flowers.
    The Cherry Brandy, Apricot Sunrise and Raspberry Wine are my favorite also...very impressive.
    Like that little blue ladder nice accent.

    No damage or power lose here due to Irene just debris all over. Everything including some roads were closed for 3 days.
    Ate too much !


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