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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Distracted by red.

Since I was home with a sick girl (nothing serious though) today, I thought it was going to be the day I got my bulbs planted. I had it all planned out. After yesterday's downpours that left me stuck inside I was determined to get them in the ground today. The rain was falling so hard for most of yesterday that our gutters were like waterfalls as they couldn't drain fast enough. It really didn't make me want to get soaked doing one of my least favorite fall duties.
When I went outside today I noticed I had a lot of cleanup to do before any bulbs could be planted. So I started raking and cutting and yanking plants. Not long after I was mostly finished with the cleanup, our neighbor decided to do some tree pruning high up in his Cedar trees, right next an area that I was working and planning to plant in. This didn't seem like the safest time, I decided, to get them planted. A good excuse to put off that job just another day or so.
Instead I grabbed the camera to get some garden pictures, and I noticed a theme with what I was photographing, red!
A few 'Great Wall of China' tomatoes are still coming.

Here is one of the strawberries from the Ornamental Strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) plants I shared in a recent post.

Japanese Maple 'Orido Nishiki' is flaming red at the top, but the lower branches still have quite a bit of green.

The apple tree, or ghost tree as we are calling it now, has some red apples still hanging on.

Oakleaf hydrangea 'Snow Queen' leaves are slowly changing.

The blueberry bushes are really changing quickly, 'Jersey' is the one that is the most red still.

Climbing rose 'Don Juan' decided that October is a good time to bloom again. It's in a place I don't always see and I was surprised to find a couple of flowers on it today.

I'm going to try to get those bulbs planted in the next couple of days, unless something else distracts me from them.
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  1. Hello Catherine,

    I'm sorry that you weren't able to get your bulbs planted. But, it was lucky for us because we get to enjoy your beautiful photos. Your climbing rose is stunning.

  2. I always get distracted by RED. It is my favorite color; in the garden, in my home, in my closet!

    So why do I drive a green car?

    I don't like to plant bulbs, either. I do like the flowers tho. bummer.....

    Nice post.

  3. Cute ghost tree!!

    I meant to get my bulbs planted this weekend and didn't manage it either. Oh well!

    Hope your girl feels better soon.

  4. Hi Catherine, Hope your little one feels better soon. Sorry your plans were changed yesterday by the neighbor, but I'm happy that you shared the pics you were able to take instead. The rose is so pretty and the oakleaf hydrangea leaves are so colorful. Love the apples and tomatoes and strawberries too. For the first time in over a week, we had sunshine today but boy it was cold and extremely windy. I took a few pics while out with the cat. Hope the week ahead is a great one for you.

  5. Some very great red shops. I got my neighbor lady's bulbs planted and mine too, but our weather is shutting down. You look pretty safe so far. These colds and coughing have been all over the U.S. I like the rose, I may check that out. It is a great red and an interesting name.

  6. Yes, I know about getting sidetracked. Your reds are lovely. I hope your daughter is feeling better.

    I was able to pull some of my freeze killed annuals out today, but had to quit to get off my knee, which is still healing from being sprained 4 weeks ago. It was good to be outside.

  7. The ghost apple tree is doing its best!

  8. The Japanese Maple and the apples are beautiful. The Oak-Leaf Hydrangeas here are starting to show a bit of color too. Your 'Jersey' blueberry bush is gorgeous. Some of the blueberry bushes here have turned red, and others will wait until November.

  9. Great reds. The hydrangea and blueberries are gorgeous. I commend you on being so ready with your bulbs. I still can't get to my ground yet. To many plants in full greens. I also have a Don Jaun, also in a place I don't see very often, it has ten buds ready to go. If we can get out of this wet storm for a few days I may get to see them fully open.

  10. Love the red maple. I think that is my favorite tree.

    Hopefully you will be able to get your bulbs planted. I think I may have a couple to plant myself.

  11. I had not seen a oak leaf hydrangea & it is lovely. Our flowers are nearly gone, the veggies are history.

    Love your pics, they are so vibrant.
    Have a lovely week. TTFN ~Marydon

  12. Hello Catherine, this is a SO beautiful post, love that tomato and the red leaves, love everything from your garden, love all your posts!!!
    Come and see my garden, it´s so pretty now that we are in springtime.
    Muchos cariños
    Maria Cecilia

  13. oo you could'nt plant your bulbs but it got lucky to me as red is my favorite color and in this way I came to see the red blush in your garden especially the red climbing roses......otherwise it wont have been possiblle......nice day :)

  14. Beautiful reds...I enjoy planting bulbs...just wish I could remember where I plant them!

  15. Beautiful reds both blooms and foliage. Best of luck with your bulbs.

  16. I absolutely luv the photo of your apple tree/ghost tree. It made me smile. If it makes you feel better, I still have bulbs to plant, too.

  17. Now that's the kind of red I want to see!

  18. Great reds Catherine! I too am distracted by the reds in the landscape in the fall--it draws the eye. I love the blueberry foliage --so bold!
    Your Japanese Maple is stunning.

  19. My favorite also is the Japanese Maple ;) And I'm behind in my bulb planting chores too! Leaving sunny Calif. today and coming home to wet, cold NJ....boo hiss...

  20. That is one spooky apple tree you have there ;-) Cute!
    You Japanese Maple is looking so pretty dressed in red.
    Enjoy those roses while they last Catherine.

  21. It was a wet one! I think we all relate to the surprising amount of rain we had this weekend. Sorry about the bulbs, but maybe it's nature's way of saying "take a break!" :)

  22. Great post I love the Maple especially.

  23. I love the reds in the fall the most of all the trees. But your rose??? AWESOME!


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