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Friday, July 23, 2010

Fertilizer Friday - Some new color in the garden.

The weeks of summer are flying by fast.  I start losing track of what day is what and before I know it, it's Friday.  Not worrying about the day of the week is nice during summer vacation with the kids, but before long we'll be getting up very early as my oldest daughter starts Junior High in just over a month.  I've been noticing that the days are getting shorter and so we're trying to get the most out of what's left of summer. 
I've noticed other bloggers mentioning that this time of the summer they aren't always very happy with how their gardens are looking, either from heat or just that it's an in between time in the garden.  I've been feeling a bit of that myself now that so many annuals like Poppies and Larkspur that had added so much color are finished, there are some very bare looking places.  And so my plan for the weekend will be to rework the bed behind the pond again trying to give it more structure so that when that there's something going on between bloom times of flowers.
Tiger Lily
I will definitely be adding more of these next year, the yellow ones as well.

 Penstemon 'Red Rocks'
I had moved this one from the backyard earlier this year, it took awhile to recover but is now blooming like crazy.
A Lupine seedling from the white flowered one in my front yard.

 Water Lily 'Sioux'
The water lilies sure were late in getting started this year.  There were two flowers, both smaller than the usual size.  I see at least one more bud coming up.

 Persian Cornflower (Centaurea dealbata)
This is the longest this has ever bloomed.  Normally it blooms for a few weeks then is finished.  It's been a couple of months of flowers so far.

 Monarda 'Coral Reef'
This Monarda is usually the last one to bloom.

Fertilizer Friday is hosted by Tootsie Time every Friday.  To see what flowers she and other gardeners are flaunting this week, or to join in yourself, stop by her blog. 
Happy Friday!
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  1. Your Tiger Lily caught my attention since it is just like the Tiger Lilies my mom grew. I have some in bloom but they don't have those gorgeous spots. Good for you! This is a real Tiger Lily.

  2. Wowwwwww...that Lily is so beautiful.......and that water lily.......i like your post today......wishing you a happy weekend enjoy your garden......love Ria....

  3. Your garden doesn't care it's high summer-it's loving the sun and warmth and looking mighty fine.

  4. I like the lupine, it's so pretty!

  5. Everything is looking wonderful. Thanks for posting the picture of the Persian Cornflower. I winter sowed some this year, they've been planted out and are doing well, but of course there won't be any flowers till next year. It's nice to have a preview!

    The Lupine is so pretty, it's one of my favorites, and I'm so glad to see the water lily!

  6. I've never before seen a Lupine quite as pretty as yours. I have a couple of pink ones.

    I definitely need a "tiger" in my garden.


  7. Lupines are on my list!! This is a so so time of the year for me. Not enjoying it at all this year, cause the arm and all...lovely photos.

  8. That upine is stunning. I tried them years ago, but I think our climate is not suitable, gets hot too quick many springs.


  9. That Tiger Lily is gorgeous! This time, summer has been great here - only I didn't have time to enjoy it. It's nice to see such wonderful colors! And wow, the cornflower! I hope this rainy season brings cornflower to my garden...

  10. Our black eye Susans are beginning to look bad and it's always sad to lose that pop of color. You have so many of my favorites and everything is so pretty Catherine. I know it will be tough for you and the girls to get used to school again. Hope you have a nice weekend to work in the garden.

  11. Hi!
    This blog rocks!
    Could you make a post about your season plants? And what plants would you recommend us?
    Thanks a lot!

  12. Our tiger lilies are paler than yours, but they're doing very well this year. I haven't had much luck with lupins, but I'll have to give them another try. Like yours, our cornflowers are still blooming here and there.

  13. Your Monarda looks a bit like the Justicia which grqws well here. I love your blue and white lupines.

  14. I love those tiger lilies. Mine just finished blooming. I've always wanted to grow lupines but they tell me that they can't be grown well here in the south.

  15. Penstemon 'Red Rocks' is such a good variety. I had huge clumps for awhile and had to move them --and they hated that. I no longer have any.

    I love the Tiger Lily color. Is it planted with the blue lupine?

    Have a great weekend!

  16. I love your blue and white lupine Catherine, it reminds me of the arroyo lupine I started from seed this year, just with a more intense color. My Monarda in the herb garden though was a total flop. I'll try again next year.

  17. Beautiful vibrant colors of your garden! The Tiger Lily is exotic, I want to grow these someday!

  18. What a gorgeous photo of the Tiger Lilies ~ I love it combined with the purple larkspur in the background. Really nice combination.
    and someday (sooner rather than later, I hope) my water lilies will bloom. I'm just dying to see one in person. Wonder why they were late? Are there fewer than normal too??

  19. Hi Catherine. Your lupine is just so beautiful. What a pretty penstemon.Mine have died back now but I saved some seeds from the blue ones. Summer is just whizzing along so fast. I just want it to slow down. Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Cameron - No, the lupine is in the front yard, although I think the orange and purple would look good together.

    Kathleen - When I planted the lily bulbs I had no idea so many Larkspur would come up around them. That was one of those happy surprises.
    Fewer lilies and smaller than normal. Usually by now we've had quite a few, and only one of the lilies is blooming at all - the other two have only sent up pads. Like everything else that didn't do what it normally does I blame it on the cool and wet spring :) I hope you get some flowers on yours.

  21. Beautiful blooms! The lupine is especially stunning!

  22. hi catherine,
    wonderful plants.i like the lupine
    and the pretty monarda.
    have a nice week,

  23. Tiger lilies are just so exciting to me with their color and styles, that is a wonderful shot. Of course water lilies always have my heart, that is a spectacular shot.

  24. I really enjoy visiting here Catherine. Everything always looks so cool and refreshing.

  25. Very lovely flowers and yes - some of mine are now looking so great now after hail....and I think I overwater my lupines...

  26. Some wonderful colour you’ve got there, Catherine :-)

    Yes, the Penstemons are a bit huffy when moved aren’t they. They settle in eventually as your photo shows. We lost a few this past winter so I plan to take cuttings from the ones that did survive. Fav today… it has to be the monarda :-D

  27. Love all your blooms but the water lily is just perfection! I love the pink/yellow tone; it's really exquisite.

  28. Catherine I love the new colors in your garden...I really like the tiger lily the dainty pink one on the pond and the Red rock penstemons

    I hate that the summer is flying by us so fast... I'm trying to spend every minute that I can find outdoors while contemplating what I might plant for next year..

    Love your lovely garden..


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