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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photographic evidence.

 A new sign was meant to welcome guests to our home.

 I've been looking for just the right welcome sign for the front gate.

 I love the old fashioned look of this one.  But, apparently the squirrels think it's a welcome to them to destroy the Crocuses in the garden.  I don't ever remember seeing them so torn to shreds as they have been this year.  I found a big pile of torn up flowers by the driveway.  I thought (hoped) it was a one time event.  But, I'm seeing that they seem to have developed a taste for them.  They completely shred the flowers and bulbs.  So I thought I would take some pictures of the ones that they haven't gotten to yet as proof that I did have some and they did look quite pretty.

 Not sure of the name of this one, but it seems to be the favorite of the squirrels.  I had such nice big clumps of them this year.

 I think this one is 'Pickwick'.

 These ones are teeny tiny.  My girls found them at Flower World to plant near their fairy gardens, they had no tag other than "mixed" on them.

 The last big group of purple ones.

You can see the ripped up roots and flower stems in this one.  I don't remember planting the orange ones, and truthfully I don't care for them that much.  If the squirrels could limit themselves to the oranges I wouldn't be as mad at them.

I've never had them digging up the bulbs while in flower, it's usually before they start to grow that they are dug up.  I'm hoping the squirrels will soon find something better to eat that is not growing in my yard.  Oh well, at least I have the pictures to look at.
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  1. The welcome sign is great.
    The crocus are beautiful too. Hope the squirrels move on.

  2. Isn't it annoying when the wildlife suddenly seem to develop a taste for particular plants in your garden. I had the same with the wallabies last year. Fingers crossed those pesky squirrels find a better food source somewhere else. It would be a shame to miss out on the lovely Crocus display. You do have some real beauties there.

  3. Those little stinkers are eatin gmy crocus for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks ... yours are gorgeous, Catherine.

    I hope you will pop by to help us bring 'angel love' for a young girl who is sick.

    Thank you.
    Have a beautiful PS weekend ~

  4. Hi Catherine, I love your new welcome sign at your garden gate! I am so sorry that the squirrels dig up your beautiful crocuses. As cute as squirrels can be, some of their behavior is really destructive to the garden. I wonder if there is a squirrels deterrent? Maybe pepper spray, coyote pee? The fourth photo from the bottom is so captivating, I love how the light is illuminating the crocus flowers.

  5. I think I am having the same problem. I should have had my crocuses bloom already and I have foliage but have only seen one tattered flower. Either they are late or the flowers are being munched on!

  6. What a bummer about the squirrels eating your crocuses. I would be so mad! I thought they just liked to dig and eat them when they were newly planted, not after they had sprouted and flowered. Maybe they are really hungry. Have you considered a diversion feeder? I understand your pain, as the raccoons sometimes wreak havoc with the plants around my stream. I love your new welcome sign.

  7. Years ago it was rabbits who go into our garden a ate every crocus but have not been bother now rabitts have moved on .

    We only get a red squirrel and he is a joy to see adn he does not eat my crocus Catherine.

    And I so love your front entrance and welcome sign .

    Its such a joy to see our crocus nd Spring blooms again .

    Thankyou for sharing.

  8. Your welcome sign is nice and your crocus photos are lovely. Crocus are so cheerful! Shame about the squirrels!

  9. What a nice garden sign. Sorry you are having to deal with the dang squirrels. Hope they leave your gardens soon. Your photos are wonderful.


  10. Hi,

    Sorry to hear your Crocuses have been eaten! So devastating, even more so at this time of year when even the smallest amount of colour has a large impact.
    As you say, hopefully soon they'll find something better to eat and leave your garden alone.

  11. Crocuses are very photogenic! Great shots and sorry to hear about the squirrels!!!

  12. That picture of the crocus that are tiny, with the sun shining into the bloom, is great!! I like Pickwick too. Rotten squirrels, sorry they have taken to your crocuses.

  13. Oh those pesky little critters.I think they have radar.
    Your welcome plaque is just the thing for your gate Catherine.

  14. I like the old fashioned look of the white picket fence and the welcome sign.
    I just put up a squirrel feeder, but I may take it down. They seem so nice from a far and I remember being young and feeding them peanuts out of our hands... However if they started eating my crocus' that would sure be something else! Hopefully enough survive to multiply and grace uproar garden next year.

  15. I want to tiptoe all over your garden! What a wonderful, perfect place you've created. My little shoots are starting to pop up in the greenhouse, but nothing like this. I will have to go take a picture of my tiny green beauties, though. My first ever growing anything from a seed!!

  16. Katherine,

    The purple crocus is likely Flower Record. I have one place where I planted 100 bulbs of two kinds of crocus, barely any left there now. Really like the new sign.

  17. I like both the front gate and the welcome sign. You have good taste. Luv the look of the 'Pickwick' crocus. Sorry about the squirrel damage. Last fall I planted tulip bulbs for the first time knowing darn well that squirrels can't resist them. We'll see what happens, still a couple months away from tulip time.

  18. Hi Catherine, Squirrels are such pests in the garden. I am sorry to hear they are eating all the Crocus'. They eat the tops of my tulips each year, so I started to grow daffodils.

  19. I love the sign. I feel your pain about the dug up bulbs. Perhaps an offering of peanuts or something else might persuade the squirrels to leave your crocuses alone.

  20. I think a sign on a gate is a lovely idea! Your purple stripey crocuses are so beautiful! I feel the same way about the orange. I hope the squirrels move on to other gardens soon!

  21. Sorry the squirrels are eating your crocus, but I love the ones he didn't eat. I didn't realize there were so many different kinds. Mine have all died. Yours make me want to plant some more this fall.

  22. Oh that is sad...the voles eat mine down to the ground...not many left for me to see this spring...I hope to see more soon as spring arrives...

  23. Love the new sign! Bummer about the squirrels. Seriously. :(


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