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Monday, August 23, 2010

Late Summer blooms...

As others have been noticing, Fall definitely seems to already be in the air here.  After a very short and strange summer it feels like it's already finishing up.  Many of the flowers I normally have blooming at the end of August were no shows.  The Dahlias only had some leaves come up and there are no Zinnias or Sunflowers around.  Luckily there are still quite a few flowers that are hanging on now, although many are looking pretty dried up from the temperatures fluctuating between the 90's for a few days and then down to the 60's the next few.  Even the grass is much greener than usual for this time of year. 

 A view of the front of the house shows that the Black-eyed Susans, Agastache, Abelia, Phlox, Monarda and Lilies are blooming.  You can also see how terrible the Japanese Maple in the background looks.   I've realized the soil in that bed just never dried out, it's that way across the whole front of our house, the other plants don't seem to mind it.  We've decided to leave it in and see what happens with it next Spring, but I'm not feeling too hopeful.  I've noticed that many Maples of different types around here are turning yellow far ahead of the rest of the trees.

 Echinacea 'Green Envy' in it's second year is doing really well.

 Echinacea 'Fragrant Angel' is also in it's second year, but taking it's time to become established.

 More flowers in the butterfly garden are drawing bees and Skippers to them.  I've never seen so many Skippers in our yard ever, they are almost impossible to get a good picture of.  The furthest back plant is Caryopteris 'Worcester Gold' and Aster 'Monch' is in front of it.

 Oriental Lilies are blooming.  These white ones are looking the best now and the scent carries around the front yard.

 Campanula rotundifolia 'Olympica' is doing amazingly well.  I hope to find lots more of it next year.  This was found at a local fruit market, all the plants that I bought at the fruit market are doing exceptionally well.

 Towards the end of the summer we have lots and lots of Dragonflies.  I've seen about three different types, this red one is the newest kind to come visiting.  I think this is a Red Darner on the Phlox.

 Phlox 'David' still looks so fresh.  I've noticed in my yard that the Phloxes much prefer to be in part shade, otherwise as soon as any afternoon sun hits them they droop and turn brown.  I even have some growing under a Pine tree that look really good.

Not a flower but our cute little Cookie out enjoying some time in the front grass.  He's been enjoying the tiny carrots that Sweet Pea has been pulling from her garden.  I didn't realize that rabbits could be so social and friendly, maybe he's the exception.

Even though I'm not really ready for summer to end, now feeling the cooler evenings coming I have to say I'm looking a little forward to Fall.  And if that isn't thinking far enough ahead I've read two places now that the Pacific Northwest is predicted to have and cold and very snowy winter.  Okay, I'll quit getting ahead of myself and enjoy the rest of Summer ☀
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  1. Hi Catherine, It's wonderful to see your remaining blooms. You still have some lovely color. Cookie is so sweet - I am glad you posted the photo.

    I am definitely ready for cooler temps. GA has had the hottest summer on record this year. I have spent very little time in the garden.

    Nice to have you back blogging. You were missed!

  2. Catherine, it seems from your description that you are having a summer that is odd for your area. We are having the same kind of summer with the intense heat and rain, not typical for the Chicago area.

    I hope this does not mean we are going to have an unusual winter! Many years ago, we had a winter with 85 inches of snow and another winter with 25 below zero. Yuck, I don't even want to remember them.

    I am going to look for Fragrant Angel - lovely.


  3. I've not seen that Caryopteris before. I like the golden foliage of it.

    That little Cookie is so cute! I love bunnies!

  4. Catherine, The garden is still looking great. Fall is my favorite season, but winter is way to far away. Take care and happy gardening.

  5. For a Gardener in Progress, do believe you made it! I think you have some great looking flowers. It's been a tough summer here in Texas!


  6. Never heard of a skipper ? what in the heck is a skipper ? Did you say 60's ? I am not happy about you being in the 60's there. We haven't been in the 60's since March. Pretty pictures, take care, Gina

  7. Pretty flowers, and the rabbit is so cute. My cousin from America had brought me some echinesia plants, but they were all dead on arrival! I can see those lovelies in your blog.

  8. Lovely late blooms Catherine. I am with you and will enjoy the rest of summer... fall is a lovely time. I hope you like snow and that the winter will not be too cold for you... I can bear the cold better than the heat. 90's your garden does not seem to mind it ... I would be happy for cooler days and nights too. Now, that is a dear sweet looking rabbit and I would bet it would not go around eating all of my gardens like the wild ones here. ;>)

  9. Hi Catherine, Cookie is too cute. Bunnies can be just like dogs. They'll follow you around and are clean and can be litter trained. They really have personalities! Many folks don't realize it. My birds are the same way-very funny critters. Sometimes we just don't notice it in our small animals. You have so much blooming it seems like many of your summer flowers are still going strong. Most of mine are gone. We are in a deep slump here. Sorry about your weird weather this year. Seems weather everywhere has just gone crazy.

  10. Forgot to say, have you considered putting in a French drain in that front bed to drain away from the house? I will be doing this in my yard soon out back where the downspouts drain. The previous drainpipe has gotten clogged since it was not installed properly so now I have to redo it. The drain might work for your bed and maybe help the J. Maple. Hate to see you lose it.

  11. Dear Catherine, The title of this posting brings with it a wistful note as thoughts do, inevitably at this time of year, turn towards autumn and then, of course, winter. But you have so much in your garden at the moment which is redolent of high summer, an indication that you have clearly been successful at keeping things going through what has been a somewhat difficult season.

  12. My gardens are struggling this time of the year too. Too hot and much neglect will do that I guess. I love David and hope mine looks that good one day.

  13. Lovely blooms!

    I had a pet rabbit when I was in high school and he was very friendly, even housebroken. But, he got so large, he eventually required an outdoor habitat.

    There is a wild baby bunny living in my garden. She is totally unafraid of me and even poses for photos. I know that I could touch her, but I won't as she's a wild creature. She has eaten ALL of my linaria, so scratch that one from my list of plants!

  14. Cookie is soooo adorable. We each had our own pet rabbit growing up. I'll bet your girls love having it.
    Fragrant angel is pretty - I didn't realize Coneflowers smelled so good until last week when I bought Magnus and then went and smelled my older one.
    Yes, we've had a strange and wacky summer and I've had the same no shows. Or should I say no blooms. The sunflowers came up and are still growing, 2 Dahlias and the Zinnias you gave me are up too but no blooms on anything yet.
    I wasn't excited to see you say we're going to have a cold winter. I lost enough flowers last winter and don't need to lose more. So where's global warming when ya need it? Seems around here if we aren't freezing we're flooding.

  15. Oh boy...fall is upon you, it seems! We're still heavy in heat and humidity in S Florida. Everyone here is ready for the cooler weather. Your Green Envy has me green with envy...very pretty!!!

  16. Your gardens are doing well for the end of the season. Everything looks real nice. I love your "Cookie" too cute. I'm looking forward to cooler weather also but not too cool. Great Post...

  17. We are glad to be "down" in the 90's the last week or so. We spent around 2 weeks with daily temps above 105!! Gardens and gardeners alike get really grumpy with that!! Was glad to see the advice on the david phlox--I tried this plant this spring on an east facing slope--it is a goner--will try it again somewhere else, as your pictures just confirm that it is a beautiful plant!! Thanks for sharing

  18. Love your Echinacea and Aster combo! I really need to plant some fragrant lilies next year...the one I have is really beautiful, but I really miss that heavenly scent! Which lily is that...Casa Blanca?

  19. If I could move anywhere, it would probably be to your region. I want my flowers to look like that! I have mostly bright orange and smaller blue dragonflies in my yard.

  20. Cookie is adorable..I used to have a "house bunny" a blue angora. I really enjoyed her.

    You and your garden are such a blessing to the butterflies,bees,hummingbirds.

  21. Here in Montreal we've had a long and wonderful summer. So hot and dry that our river are dramatically low. Anyway, I'm new to gardening and discovered your blog lately. You have such lovely gardens!!!

  22. Hi Catherine, Give a person 2-3 weeks away from gardening (during the crazy August weather) and she just doesn't want to do a thing (hardly) outdoors! ha. I AM looking forward to cooler Fall weather, also.

    Your gardens still look good. Love your little bunny. :-) Happy gardening.

  23. I think I am the odd man out ~ I'm so not ready for fall! But then I never am. Even with oppressive heat ~ I'll take that any day over snow. I hope the winter prediction is only for there (and not here!) Not that I'm wishing tons of snow on you ~ just don't want it here.
    I just bought two 'David' phlox ~ your photo is so pretty. I hope mine will do well too. I actually planted it in part shade so maybe that was unconsciously smart!
    Good luck with your Maple tree too. It would be sad to lose it.

  24. You are setting in for fall but you still have some great blooms. My in laws had a rabbit that live in their house in the day and he was very social. He got mad when they rearranged the furniture. Cookie is a sweet looking rabbit.

  25. How adorable is your bunny? Very cute ~ I have a lot of wild bunnies in my backyard including two calico ones that used to be someone's pets. They sure are cute.

    Lovely flowers you have!
    xo Catherine

  26. Hi Catherine, The year of the bi-polar summer, I'm calling it. Yesterday morning it was 49 degrees. Brrr!! This morning it's 57. To tell you the truth I like all the temperature fluctuations. It keeps things interesting. I know what you mean about the dahlias. I've got two out of I don't know how many that are blooming. The rest are just sitting there with foliage waiting for a frost. Your echinaceas and lilies are outstanding. And I love that Campanula. Sometimes fruit stands and the like are the best places to get plants, I agree. Those dragonflies, although great bug eaters and impressive in beauty still kind of creep me out. I prefer my bugs small and slow. :)


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